Himawari Uzumaki Unleashes Nine-Tails Form in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

by Hazel

In a dramatic turn of events, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has placed Himawari Uzumaki in the spotlight by revealing her newfound connection with the Nine-Tails. The latest chapter unveils the evolution of the Ten Tails into a formidable new group of villains who target the Hidden Leaf Village. Amid this chaos, Himawari discovers Kurama, the Nine-Tails, within herself, leading to an unexpected transformation.

Kurama’s Return:

The series had previously ended a chapter with the shocking revelation that Kurama, who had been thought lost after Naruto’s Baryon Mode, has been reborn within Himawari. This revelation was as surprising to Himawari as it was to readers, as she had not sensed the Nine-Tails within her before. The current chapter explores this newfound bond and its implications.


Himawari’s Battle:

As the Ten Tails’ forces converge on the Hidden Leaf, Himawari, alongside Team 10, attempts to flee but is soon forced into a confrontation. During the intense battle, Himawari is nearly overwhelmed. Desperate, she converses with Kurama, who acknowledges their bond, noting that she has an even greater affinity for his power than Naruto did. This bond begins to manifest physically as Himawari’s hair starts to take on the Nine-Tails’ characteristics, signaling the unleashing of Kurama’s power.


Unleashing the Nine-Tails’ Power:

In a crucial moment, when Inojin is gravely injured and Himawari is on the verge of being consumed by the Ten Tails, she taps into Kurama’s power. Her transformation is subtle compared to Naruto’s earlier forms, indicating that she is at the beginning of her journey with Kurama’s power. Kurama himself remarks on Himawari’s potential, hinting that she might follow a path similar to Naruto’s, involving berserk forms before achieving complete harmony with the Nine-Tails.


Future Implications:

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the extent of Himawari’s new powers and their potential impact on the battle and her character arc unclear. This transformation sets the stage for Himawari to become a significant player in the ongoing conflict, with the potential to develop her own unique relationship with Kurama and his immense power.


As the story progresses, fans can look forward to seeing how Himawari’s bond with Kurama evolves and what new abilities she will unlock. This development not only enhances her character but also adds a thrilling new dimension to the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex narrative.


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