‘Terminator’ Returns as an Animated Series: “I’ll be back”

by Hazel

The iconic sci-fi action film series, including “The Terminator” and “Terminator 2,” is set to make its debut as an animated series with Netflix’s “Terminator Zero” (working title). This exclusive series will premiere globally on the streaming service on Judgment Day, August 29. Released scene photos, featuring a T-800-style Terminator and the classic “naked” time travel arrival, showcase the quintessential “Terminator” vibe.

Key Highlights:


Global Premiere: The series will stream exclusively worldwide on Netflix starting August 29.


Quintessential Terminator Elements: Scene photos reveal a T-800-style Terminator and the iconic “naked” time travel arrival.


Historical Context: The “Terminator” series, which began in 1984 with the first film directed and written by James Cameron, became a major hit and made Arnold Schwarzenegger a global star. The narrative revolves around a world where the AI “Skynet” turns against humanity.


Setting: The new series is set immediately after Judgment Day, August 29, 1997, when the self-aware AI “Skynet” initiates a nuclear war against humanity.

Plot Overview:

In the aftermath of Judgment Day, scientist Malcolm Lee is researching the development of a new AI system to counter Skynet’s attacks. Facing internal doubts about his creation, Malcolm’s life is thrown into chaos when a Terminator assassin from the future arrives to eliminate him and prevent the system’s completion, putting the fate of his three children at risk. Amidst this peril, a soldier appears to protect Malcolm. Can she change the fate of the world?

Production Details:

Showrunner and Executive Producer: Mattson Tomlin (“Project Power,” “The Batman”)

Director: Masashi Kudo (“BLEACH” series, “Hayate the Combat Butler” series)

Animation Production: Production I.G (“Kaiju No. 8,” “Haikyu!!” series)

Anticipation and Speculation:

This original animated series raises questions about its connection to the previous films and whether the famous “Da-da-da-dun-da-dun” theme will be featured. The anticipation for the new “Terminator” series is high, and fans are eager to see how this animated adaptation will honor and expand upon the legacy of the beloved franchise.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the global premiere of “Terminator Zero” on August 29.


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