Netflix Reveals Most-Watched Titles in Second Half of 2023

by Hazel

Netflix has unveiled its latest report, “What We Watched,” covering the period from July to December 2023. The report provides insights into the viewing habits of audiences during this time frame, highlighting the most popular series and films on the streaming platform.

Top Series

Topping the charts for the second half of 2023 was the live-action adaptation of “One Piece,” which emerged as the most-watched single season of any series on Netflix. The 7.5-hour-long first season of “One Piece” garnered nearly 72 million total views, totaling 541 million hours viewed. The success of the show also drove viewership for the “One Piece” anime series and films, contributing to a combined total of around 50 million views.


Other notable series included:


“Who is Erin Carter?” with 50 million views (253 million hours)


“Lupin” Season 3 with 49.7 million views (274 million hours)


“The Witcher” Season 3 with 47.9 million views (364 million hours)

“Sex Education” Season 4 with 46.3 million views (374 million hours)

Top Films

In the realm of films, Sam Esmail’s apocalyptic thriller “Leave the World Behind” claimed the top spot with 121 million views. It was followed by the Gal Gadot-led “Heart of Stone” with 110 million views, and Adam Sandler’s “Leo” with 96 million views.

Notable Mentions

Netflix’s report also highlighted the performance of older shows that continue to attract audiences. Despite being split across multiple seasons, series like “Suits,” “Young Sheldon,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” still managed significant viewership. When combined, “Suits” emerged as the top performer with 146 million views, followed by “Young Sheldon” with 88 million views, and “Grey’s Anatomy” with 51 million views.

Viewer Engagement

Overall, audiences reportedly watched a staggering 90 billion hours of Netflix content during the six-month span, underscoring the platform’s continued dominance in the streaming landscape.

The report offers valuable insights into audience preferences and trends, providing a snapshot of the diverse content consumed by viewers on Netflix.


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