New Ghost in the Shell Anime Series Announced by Science SARU

by Hazel

Masamune Shirow’s legendary manga Ghost in the Shell is set to receive a brand-new anime adaptation by Science SARU, scheduled for release in 2026. This announcement, revealed by Science SARU, indicates that production is still in its early stages, allowing ample time for development within the next two years.

Teaser and Visuals:

The initial reveal included a brief teaser showcasing several pages of Masamune Shirow’s original manga, enhanced with small animations. The teaser features iconic scenes such as Major Motoko Kusanagi jumping from a high rise and activating her cloaking suit, suggesting a return to the source material and a potential challenge to changes made in the 1995 film and its sequels.


Production Team:

The new adaptation is a collaboration between Science SARU, Bandai Namco Filmworks, Kodansha, and Production I.G. While individual personnel such as the director or screenwriter have not been named, there is speculation about Masaaki Yuasa’s involvement due to his co-founding role at Science SARU and his extensive experience in anime filmmaking. However, Yuasa’s recent focus on feature-length projects might mean his involvement could be limited.


Adaptation and Storyline:

This upcoming series is heavily implied to be a reboot, aiming for a more faithful adaptation of the original manga. The announcement visual features Major Motoko Kusanagi and a Fuchikoma, key elements of the manga, further hinting at a ground-up adaptation true to Shirow’s work. The emphasis on manga panels in the teaser aligns with this intent.


Historical Context:

Ghost in the Shell is widely recognized for its 1995 anime movie directed by Mamoru Oshii, which is celebrated as a masterclass in cyberpunk and action filmmaking. While the film took liberties with the source material, it played a crucial role in popularizing anime outside Japan. Subsequent adaptations also deviated from the original manga. This new series promises to offer an adaptation that is closer to Shirow’s vision.



Fans of Ghost in the Shell can look forward to an exciting new anime series that stays true to the original manga. With Science SARU at the helm and the promise of a 2026 release, this adaptation could set a new standard for faithful manga-to-anime translations. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding the series’ development and release.


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