Is Kakashi Weak in Boruto?

by Hazel

Kakashi Hatake, renowned as the “Copy Ninja” and famed for his Sharingan eye, is a character who has captivated fans of the “Naruto” series with his cool demeanor and complex backstory. As the series transitioned into “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Kakashi’s role shifted from frontline leader to a more subdued, mentor-like presence. This transition has sparked debates about his perceived strength and capability in the new era. This article aims to delve into Kakashi’s current status in “Boruto,” examining whether he can be considered ‘weak’ compared to his past self and his peers in the new generation.

Kakashi’s Role and Abilities Post-“Naruto”

After the conclusion of “Naruto,” Kakashi takes on the role of Hokage, later passing the title to Naruto Uzumaki. Despite losing his Sharingan—a significant source of his combat prowess—his contributions to Konoha remain substantial. To assess Kakashi’s current strength, it is crucial to consider the adjustments he has made to compensate for this loss and how these changes affect his standing as a shinobi.


Kakashi Without the Sharingan: A New Combat Style

The Sharingan was integral to Kakashi’s fighting style, enhancing his abilities to copy enemy techniques, cast genjutsu, and predict movements. Losing it meant he could no longer rely on these crutches, which initially suggests a considerable decrease in battle capability. However, Kakashi is a shinobi of exceptional intellect and versatility, with skills that extend beyond ocular powers. His adaptability is evidenced by his continued reliance on his vast array of jutsu, precise chakra control, and tactical genius.


Mastery Over a Thousand Jutsu

Kakashi’s moniker, “Copy Ninja,” derives from his ability to use over a thousand jutsus, a feat that remains largely unparalleled in the ninja world. His knowledge spans multiple element types and complex techniques, which do not require the Sharingan to execute. Post-Sharingan, Kakashi’s approach leans more on these diverse techniques, particularly his mastery of the Rasengan and the infamous Chidori, which he can still utilize to great effect despite the increased risk associated with its use without the Sharingan.


Physical and Mental Prowess

Kakashi’s physical abilities should not be underestimated. His speed and agility, alongside his proficiency in taijutsu, make him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat. Mentally, Kakashi remains one of the sharpest minds in Konoha. His strategic acumen allows him to outmaneuver opponents, often turning the tide of battle with his wits alone.


Teaching and Mentoring: Kakashi’s Legacy

In “Boruto,” Kakashi’s role as a mentor grows more pronounced. He takes an active interest in guiding the new generation, particularly in developing their tactical and analytical skills. This transition from frontline combatant to behind-the-scenes advisor showcases a different aspect of strength, focusing on intellectual and strategic contributions rather than direct combat.

Kakashi’s Impact and Relevance in the “Boruto” Era

While Kakashi may not display the raw power of Naruto or Sasuke in their prime, his role in “Boruto” is crucial. He acts as a stabilizing force, offering guidance and intelligence that supports the village in an era of complicated political and technological advancements. His experience provides invaluable lessons in leadership and strategy, making him a pillar of the shinobi community.

Analyzing Fights and Power Levels

In “Boruto,” Kakashi’s few combat appearances suggest that while he is not as overwhelmingly powerful as some newer characters, he is by no means weak. His fighting ability remains above that of the average Jonin, and he can hold his own against formidable foes. This indicates that while his role has changed, his decline in power is not as steep as some might believe.

Conclusion: Understanding Kakashi’s True Strength

Kakashi Hatake in “Boruto” embodies a different kind of strength. While he may no longer be the Sharingan-wielding powerhouse of his youth, he remains a deeply influential figure whose strengths lie in his experience, wisdom, and unparalleled jutsu mastery. Calling Kakashi ‘weak’ disregards the broader spectrum of what strength entails in the ninja world. His evolution from a predominantly combat-focused ninja to a wise mentor and strategist demonstrates a maturity that aligns with the themes of “Boruto,” where the challenges are as much intellectual and moral as they are physical.

In conclusion, Kakashi’s journey through the Naruto series into “Boruto” highlights a shift from brute strength to intellectual and strategic mastery. This transformation reflects not a weakening, but an adaptation to the needs of a changing world. Kakashi remains a key figure in Konoha’s defense strategy, proving that true strength is not only measured by one’s prowess in battle but also by one’s ability to impact and guide future generations. Thus, Kakashi Hatake, even without his Sharingan, is far from weak; he is a different kind of strong.


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