When Will Zoro Get Enma?

by Hazel

Roronoa Zoro, one of the main characters of Eiichiro Oda’s widely acclaimed manga and anime series, “One Piece,” is known for his ambition to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Throughout the series, Zoro’s journey is marked by intense battles, profound growth, and the acquisition of powerful swords that help define his path. Among these swords, Enma holds a special place as it significantly enhances Zoro’s combat abilities. This article examines the circumstances surrounding Zoro’s acquisition of Enma, its impact on his development as a swordsman, and its broader significance within the “One Piece” narrative.

Understanding Zoro’s Journey and Swordsmanship

Before delving into the specifics of Enma, it is essential to contextualize Zoro’s background and his relationship with his swords. From the outset of the series, Zoro is portrayed as a skilled swordsman with a unique three-sword style known as Santoryu. His swords are not merely tools but integral components of his strength and samurai spirit.


Zoro’s Sword Collection

Zoro’s quest for strength is symbolized through the various swords he acquires, each with its own history and power level. His collection includes swords such as Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Yubashiri, which was later replaced. Each sword that Zoro wields is steeped in significant lore within the “One Piece” world, contributing to the depth and complexity of his character.


The Significance of Sword Grades

In the “One Piece” universe, swords are categorized into grades, indicating their quality and power. These range from the common grade to the supreme grade swords. Zoro’s ambition drives him to seek out increasingly powerful swords, culminating in his quest for the legendary grade swords, which are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and combat prowess.


The Acquisition of Enma

When Zoro Receives Enma: Zoro receives Enma in Chapter 955 of the manga, titled “Enma.” This event occurs during the Wano Country arc, a storyline rich with samurai culture and lore, which aligns perfectly with Zoro’s character development and his roots as a swordsman.


The Backstory of Enma

Enma is one of the two O Wazamono grade swords, once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside the other sword, Ame no Habakiri. After Oden’s death, Enma was bestowed upon his daughter, Kozuki Hiyori. Hiyori then offers Enma to Zoro in exchange for the Shusui, a sword that Zoro had previously obtained and that holds significant cultural value to the people of Wano.

Why Hiyori Chooses Zoro

Hiyori chooses Zoro to wield Enma because she recognizes his potential and strength as a swordsman, which she believes is worthy of her father’s legacy. Additionally, Zoro’s role in the ongoing struggle in Wano and his dedication to his crew’s cause make him the ideal candidate to carry on her father’s will.

Enma’s Unique Properties

Enma has a distinctive ability to draw out the Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) of its user aggressively, to the point that it can be overwhelming and dangerous. This feature of Enma represents both a challenge and an opportunity for Zoro; it requires him to have greater control over his Haki, thereby pushing his limits and aiding in his development as a swordsman.

Impact on Zoro’s Abilities

The acquisition of Enma marks a pivotal development in Zoro’s capabilities. It forces him to refine his control over his Haki and adapt to the intense power of the sword. Successfully taming Enma and harnessing its full potential significantly boosts Zoro’s combat effectiveness, making him a more formidable opponent.

Zoro’s Growth Post-Enma

Since obtaining Enma, Zoro’s battles showcase marked improvements in his skills and strategic thinking. The sword not only augments his physical abilities but also deepens his understanding of the samurai’s way, intertwining his growth with the rich cultural backdrop of the Wano arc.

Broader Implications of Enma in the One Piece Narrative

Symbolism of Enma: Enma symbolizes the legacy and spirit of Kozuki Oden, embodying the themes of inheritance and the passing of wills, which are recurrent throughout “One Piece.” Zoro’s possession of Enma is a narrative device that ties him deeper into the lore of Wano, connecting his personal journey with the broader historical and political upheavals of the arc.

Zoro and Luffy’s Parallel Paths

Zoro’s acquisition of Enma runs parallel to Luffy’s ongoing quest to become the Pirate King. Both characters are on paths that challenge their limits and require them to surpass legendary figures—Oden in Zoro’s case and Gol D. Roger in Luffy’s. This parallel highlights the theme of legacy and the surpassing of one’s predecessors.


Enma is not just a sword; it is a narrative pivot that significantly influences the character of Roronoa Zoro and the overall plot of “One Piece.” By mastering Enma, Zoro does not only increase his own power but also carries forward the will and spirit of Kozuki Oden, integrating his legacy with the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures. As “One Piece” progresses, the impact of Enma and its contribution to Zoro’s quest to become the greatest swordsman continues to unfold, promising more thrilling and profound developments in this epic saga.


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