Who Is the Main Character in Princess Mononoke?

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“Princess Mononoke,” directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, stands as one of the most iconic films in the realm of Japanese animation. Released in 1997, the film’s narrative complexity and rich thematic content have spurred varied interpretations of who the main character really is. While the title suggests a focus on the character Mononoke, also known as San, the film intricately explores the journeys of multiple characters, particularly Ashitaka and San, making it necessary to delve deeper into their roles to understand the true protagonist of the story.

Princess Mononoke

Set in the late Muromachi period of Japan, “Princess Mononoke” addresses the conflicts between the supernatural guardians of the forest and the humans who consume its resources. The film is renowned for its strong environmental message, intricate plot, and complex characters. It does not merely present a battle between good and evil but explores the shades of gray in between, making it a profound narrative about balance, understanding, and respect.


Ashitaka: A Character Analysis

A Journey of Curse and Redemption: Ashitaka, a young prince of the Emishi tribe, is initially depicted as the central character. His journey begins when he is cursed by a demonized boar god, pushing him to leave his village to seek a cure and understand the nature of the hatred consuming him. This quest not only sets the plot in motion but also introduces the themes of conflict and coexistence that are central to the film.


A Mediator Between Worlds: Throughout the film, Ashitaka acts as a mediator between the conflicting worlds of humans and gods. His role is crucial in portraying the film’s message of ecological balance and the need for empathy and understanding between opposing forces. His actions and decisions often drive the narrative forward, highlighting his role as a key protagonist.


Character Development and Moral Compass: Ashitaka’s character development is significant. He evolves from a tribal prince into a world-wise figure who sees beyond the black-and-white morality of the human and spirit worlds. His journey is one of both physical and spiritual discovery, embodying the film’s call for peace and mutual respect.


San, the Princess Mononoke: A Character Study

San’s Identity and Role: San, often called Princess Mononoke, which translates to “Spirit/Monster Princess,” is raised by the wolf god Moro and views herself as a wolf. This identity crisis plays a central role in her character development and in the broader narrative. San represents the force of nature, untamed and protective of her home against human encroachment.

Conflict and Compassion: San’s interactions with Ashitaka bring a crucial human dimension to her character. While initially hostile towards humans, including Ashitaka, her relationship with him opens her to a broader perspective, allowing her character to explore themes of conflict, love, and reconciliation.

Symbolism and Representation: San symbolizes the resistance against the destructive tendencies of human advancement. She is a fierce protector of the forest, embodying the film’s environmental themes. Her character challenges the traditional roles and expectations of women and princesses, presenting a strong, independent figure who fights ardently for her beliefs.

Comparative Importance in the Narrative

Screen Time and Development: While both Ashitaka and San share significant screen time, the narrative arc of Ashitaka is more aligned with the film’s resolution. His journey and decisions ultimately lead to the climax and gradually resolve the conflict, indicating his role as the main protagonist.

Influence on Plot and Themes: Both characters profoundly influence the plot and the thematic exploration of the film. However, Ashitaka’s role as a mediator allows for a broader exploration of the themes. He impacts more characters and groups within the film than San does, working towards understanding and peace, which aligns closely with the film’s ultimate message.

Conclusion: Who is the Main Character?

While “Princess Mononoke” features two strong characters, Ashitaka and San, the narrative structure and thematic depth suggest that Ashitaka serves as the main character of the film. His journey is integral to the plot’s progression and resolution. He embodies the film’s moral and philosophical queries, making him a pivotal figure in the narrative. San, while equally important, plays a slightly more confined role, symbolizing the natural world’s fight against human intrusion. Together, they create a dynamic narrative that challenges viewers to reconsider their views on nature, technology, and the complexities of human progress. Thus, “Princess Mononoke” remains a profound cinematic work, with Ashitaka at its core, driving the central themes of balance, empathy, and coexistence.


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