Who Is Sabo in One Piece?

by Hazel

One Piece,” created by Eiichiro Oda, stands as one of the most popular and enduring manga and anime series globally. Among its rich cast of characters, Sabo stands out as a central figure, especially in the narrative arcs concerning the Revolutionary Army and the overarching political undertones of the series. This article delves into who Sabo is, exploring his background, his role in the storyline, and his impact on the series and its fans.


Sabo is a pivotal character in “One Piece,” introduced as a childhood friend of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist, and Portgas D. Ace. His early life, presumed death, and surprising return play significant roles in the series, intertwining with major plot developments and themes of freedom, identity, and justice.


Sabo’s Early Life and Background

Born into a noble family in Goa Kingdom, Sabo’s early life was marked by dissatisfaction and rebellion against his aristocratic roots. Unhappy with the rigidity and cruelty of the noble lifestyle, he fled at a young age to live in the Gray Terminal, a junkyard at the outskirts of the kingdom.


Meeting Luffy and Ace

Sabo’s formative years took a turn when he met and befriended Ace and later, Luffy. The trio bonded over their shared dreams of freedom and adventure, eventually performing a cup-sake ritual to become “brothers.” This bond is foundational to Sabo’s character and his motivations throughout the series.


The Incident at Goa Kingdom

The turning point in Sabo’s early life came during a Celestial Dragon’s visit to Goa Kingdom. To improve the kingdom’s appearance, the nobles decided to burn down the Gray Terminal, endangering countless lives, including Sabo’s. This event deeply influenced Sabo’s views on nobility and justice, steering him towards his future in the Revolutionary Army.


Sabo’s Role in the Revolutionary Army

Presumed dead by his brothers following an attack by a Celestial Dragon, Sabo was rescued and taken in by Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. This marked the beginning of his life as a revolutionary.

Rising Through the Ranks

Under Dragon’s tutelage, Sabo quickly rose through the ranks to become the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, second in command only to Dragon himself. His role involves overseeing and executing the army’s operations against the World Government, aiming to overthrow it and bring freedom to the oppressed.

Abilities and Powers

Sabo is a skilled fighter, proficient in the use of Haki, a mystical martial arts power prevalent in the “One Piece” world. He also inherits Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi, a powerful Devil Fruit that grants him the ability to create, control, and transform into fire. This ability not only signifies his succession of Ace’s will but also enhances his capabilities as a revolutionary.

Major Story Arcs Involving Sabo

Sabo’s return to the storyline during the Dressrosa Arc was a significant plot twist for the series. His reappearance not only shocked fans but also reinvigorated the narratives surrounding the Revolutionary Army, Luffy’s fight for freedom, and the ongoing struggle against the World Government.

Dressrosa Arc

Sabo’s intervention in the Dressrosa Arc, where he took on the persona of “Lucy” to fight in the Corrida Colosseum, was crucial in aiding Luffy and allies to overthrow the tyrant Donquixote Doflamingo. His actions during this arc demonstrate his skills and commitment to his cause and his brothers.

Reverie Arc

The Reverie Arc further explores Sabo’s role in the Revolutionary Army as they launch an assault on the World Government during the Reverie, a council of world leaders. This arc emphasizes Sabo’s strategic acumen and his influence within the Revolutionary ranks.

Impact and Legacy

Sabo’s character adds depth to the “One Piece” narrative, intertwining personal motivations with broader political themes. His dedication to his brothers and his revolutionary cause adds a complex layer to the series’ exploration of freedom, justice, and tyranny.

Fan Reception

Sabo quickly became a fan favorite following his reintroduction. His complex backstory, significant role in the narrative, and charismatic leadership make him a standout character in a series celebrated for its diverse and dynamic cast.

Thematic Contributions

Sabo significantly contributes to the themes of “One Piece.” His struggle against his noble background and his rise in the Revolutionary Army underscore the series’ critiques of hereditary power and social injustice. His relationships with Luffy and Ace highlight themes of brotherhood, loyalty, and the enduring bonds of chosen family.


Sabo is a character that encapsulates the heart and complexity of “One Piece.” From a runaway noble to a key figure in the Revolutionary Army, his journey is one of growth, struggle, and perseverance. His impact on the story and its themes makes him a beloved and integral part of the “One Piece” universe. His continued presence in the series promises more exciting developments and deeper explorations of the themes that make “One Piece” a compelling narrative about freedom, justice, and the human spirit.


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