What Group Is Itachi Uchiha In?

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Itachi Uchiha is one of the most complex and intriguing characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s iconic manga and anime series, “Naruto.” As a member of the Uchiha clan, Itachi’s allegiance and affiliations are central to his character arc and the broader narrative of the series. In this article, we will explore the various groups and organizations that Itachi Uchiha is associated with throughout his life, shedding light on his motivations, loyalties, and ultimate legacy.

The Uchiha Clan

Clan Background

The Uchiha clan is one of the most prominent and powerful ninja clans in the Hidden Leaf Village, Konohagakure. Known for their exceptional skill in the use of fire-based jutsu and their distinctive Sharingan eye technique, the Uchiha are respected and feared by their peers.


Itachi’s Early Years

Itachi Uchiha is born into the Uchiha clan as the eldest son of Fugaku Uchiha, the clan head, and Mikoto Uchiha. From a young age, Itachi displays exceptional talent and intelligence, quickly rising through the ranks of the ninja academy and earning recognition as a prodigy.


Loyalty and Conflict

Itachi’s loyalty to the Uchiha clan is unquestionable, but internal strife and conflict threaten to tear the clan apart. Itachi finds himself torn between his loyalty to his family and his allegiance to the village. As tensions escalate, Itachi is forced to make difficult choices that will shape his destiny and the fate of the Uchiha clan.


The Hidden Leaf Village

Itachi’s Affiliation

As a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, Itachi Uchiha is a member of the village’s military force, the shinobi. He serves under the leadership of the village’s Hokage, the highest-ranking ninja who governs and protects the village.


ANBU Black Ops

During his tenure as a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, Itachi is recruited into the ANBU Black Ops, an elite and secretive division tasked with carrying out high-risk missions and protecting the village from internal and external threats. Itachi’s skills and intellect make him an invaluable asset to the ANBU, where he operates under the codename “Itachi of the Sharingan.”

Itachi’s Role

As a member of the ANBU, Itachi undertakes missions of utmost importance, often involving espionage, assassination, and covert operations. His proficiency in ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu, combined with his strategic acumen and mastery of the Sharingan, make him a formidable operative.

The Akatsuki

Introduction of the Akatsuki

The Akatsuki is a clandestine organization of rogue ninja whose goal is to achieve world domination through various means, including the capture of powerful tailed beasts known as bijuu. Led by the enigmatic and charismatic leader, Pain (Nagato), the Akatsuki’s ranks consist of powerful and notorious ninja from across the shinobi world.

Itachi’s Involvement

Itachi Uchiha joins the Akatsuki under mysterious circumstances, initially presenting himself as a devoted member of the organization. His true intentions and loyalties, however, remain shrouded in secrecy, as he operates according to his own hidden agenda.

Double Agent

Itachi’s role within the Akatsuki is revealed to be that of a double agent. Despite outwardly appearing to be aligned with the organization’s goals, Itachi’s true allegiance lies with the Hidden Leaf Village. His infiltration of the Akatsuki serves a larger purpose, as he works to protect his village and prevent the organization from achieving its destructive objectives.

Itachi’s Legacy

Sacrifice and Redemption

Itachi Uchiha’s character arc is defined by sacrifice and redemption. Despite the morally ambiguous nature of his actions, Itachi’s ultimate goal is to protect his village and his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, whom he loves dearly. Itachi’s willingness to bear the burden of hatred and condemnation for the greater good underscores his selflessness and devotion to his ideals.

Legacy of Controversy

Itachi’s legacy is one of controversy and complexity. While some view him as a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good, others condemn him for his actions and the pain he inflicted upon his loved ones. Itachi’s story challenges conventional notions of heroism and villainy, forcing readers and viewers to grapple with the moral ambiguity of his character.


Itachi Uchiha’s affiliations and allegiances throughout his life are central to his character and the broader narrative of “Naruto.” From his early years as a member of the esteemed Uchiha clan to his tenure as a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and his involvement with the enigmatic Akatsuki, Itachi’s journey is marked by complexity, intrigue, and sacrifice.

Ultimately, Itachi’s legacy transcends simple categorizations of heroism or villainy. His character embodies the complexities of the human condition, as he grapples with duty, loyalty, and the pursuit of peace. Itachi’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the inherent duality of human nature.


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