Why Did Boruto Lose His Eye?

by Hazel

In the vast and intricate world of the “Naruto” series, the next generation has taken center stage with “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” This continuation follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, and his friends as they navigate the complexities of being ninja in a rapidly evolving world. One of the most shocking and pivotal moments in the series involves Boruto losing his eye, a development that has left fans with numerous questions and speculations. This article explores the circumstances surrounding Boruto’s loss of his eye, its significance in the storyline, and the potential implications for the future of the series.

The Context of Boruto’s Journey

Boruto’s Character and Abilities

Boruto Uzumaki is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, and Hinata Hyuga, a member of the esteemed Hyuga clan. From a young age, Boruto displayed immense talent and potential as a ninja. Unlike his father, who struggled in his early years, Boruto excels in his studies and quickly masters advanced techniques. He is particularly skilled in ninjutsu and possesses a unique dojutsu (eye technique) called the Jougan, which grants him special abilities.


The World of Boruto: Continuity and Change

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is set in a time of peace and technological advancement, a stark contrast to the war-torn era of Naruto’s youth. The new generation of ninja faces different challenges, including the integration of modern technology into their traditional practices. This evolving landscape provides a unique backdrop for Boruto’s story, blending the old and new elements of the ninja world.


The Incident: How Boruto Lost His Eye

The Anticipation and Build-Up

The loss of Boruto’s eye was foreshadowed early in the series. In the very first chapter and episode, a flash-forward scene depicts an older Boruto with a scar over his right eye, wearing a tattered headband and a cloak, standing amidst the ruins of Konoha. This scene, which sets the tone for a darker future, shows Boruto activating his Jougan and preparing to face Kawaki, a mysterious character who threatens to destroy everything.


The Culmination of Events

The actual incident of Boruto losing his eye occurs during a climactic battle involving key antagonists of the series. In the manga, the decisive moment takes place during a confrontation with the Otsutsuki clan, powerful extraterrestrial beings with god-like abilities. Boruto, along with his team and allies, faces overwhelming odds in a desperate fight to protect their world from the Otsutsuki’s invasion and their plans to harvest the chakra from Earth.


The Role of Kawaki and the Otsutsuki Clan

Kawaki, initially introduced as an enemy, becomes a central figure in Boruto’s life. He is deeply connected to the Otsutsuki and their technology, having been modified to serve their purposes. Kawaki’s relationship with Boruto is complex, evolving from animosity to a brotherly bond as they understand their shared fate and struggles. However, Kawaki’s actions, driven by his traumatic past and desire to protect Naruto, inadvertently lead to Boruto losing his eye during a fierce battle with the Otsutsuki clan.

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The Significance of Boruto Losing His Eye

Symbolism and Foreshadowing

The loss of Boruto’s eye is laden with symbolic meaning. It represents a turning point in his journey from a carefree, talented ninja to a hardened warrior who has experienced significant loss and pain. The scar over his eye serves as a physical manifestation of his struggles and growth, much like Naruto’s whisker marks or Sasuke’s curse mark in the original series. This transformation is crucial in shaping Boruto’s character and destiny.

Impact on Boruto’s Abilities

Losing an eye, particularly in a series where dojutsu plays a significant role, has profound implications for Boruto’s abilities. The Jougan, a mysterious and powerful eye technique unique to Boruto, grants him various abilities, including the power to sense interdimensional travel and perceive chakra in intricate detail. The loss of his eye raises questions about the future of his Jougan powers and how they will evolve. It also opens the possibility of new abilities or enhancements, possibly through scientific ninja tools or further Otsutsuki-related modifications.

Emotional and Psychological Effects

The trauma of losing an eye and the circumstances surrounding it have deep emotional and psychological effects on Boruto. This incident marks a departure from his relatively sheltered and privileged upbringing, thrusting him into the harsh realities of the ninja world. The burden of protecting his loved ones and the weight of his destiny become more pronounced, driving his character development and influencing his decisions and actions in the story.

The Broader Implications for the Series

Evolution of the Plot

Boruto losing his eye signifies a pivotal shift in the series’ plot, steering it towards darker and more complex themes. This event is a catalyst for future conflicts and developments, particularly concerning the Otsutsuki clan’s ongoing threat and Kawaki’s role. It propels the narrative into a new phase, where the stakes are higher, and the challenges more formidable.

Relationships and Dynamics

The relationships between characters are deeply affected by Boruto’s loss. His bond with Kawaki, already complex, becomes even more intricate as they navigate their shared burdens and destinies. Boruto’s relationship with his father, Naruto, and his mentor, Sasuke, also evolves as they deal with the ramifications of the incident. The dynamics within Team 7 and the larger ninja community are reshaped, reflecting the changing landscape of their world.

Themes of Sacrifice and Growth

The incident underscores the themes of sacrifice and growth that are central to the “Naruto” and “Boruto” series. Boruto’s journey mirrors the paths of Naruto and Sasuke, who also faced significant losses and hardships. These experiences forge their identities and define their legacies. Boruto’s loss serves as a reminder that growth often comes through adversity and that true strength is born from overcoming one’s challenges.

Fan Reactions and Theories

Community Reactions

The revelation of Boruto losing his eye has elicited strong reactions from fans and the wider anime and manga community. Many fans were shocked and saddened by the event, while others praised the series for its bold storytelling choices. The incident has sparked extensive discussions and debates about Boruto’s future, his abilities, and the series’ direction.

Popular Theories

Numerous theories have emerged regarding the implications of Boruto’s lost eye. Some speculate that he may gain a new and even more powerful dojutsu as a result of the incident, possibly linked to his Jougan or the Otsutsuki’s abilities. Others theorize that Boruto might undergo further modifications or enhancements through scientific ninja tools, given the series’ emphasis on technology and innovation.


The loss of Boruto’s eye is a monumental event in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” marking a significant turning point in his journey and the series’ narrative. This dramatic moment not only symbolizes Boruto’s growth and the challenges he faces but also sets the stage for future developments and conflicts. As Boruto grapples with his new reality and the responsibilities that come with it, fans eagerly anticipate how his story will unfold and what new heights he will achieve. The journey of Boruto Uzumaki continues to captivate audiences, blending the rich legacy of the “Naruto” series with fresh, dynamic storytelling that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.


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