What Color Is Kakashi’s Eyes?

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Kakashi Hatake, a prominent character from the renowned anime and manga series “Naruto,” is a complex and intriguing figure. One of the most distinctive features about him is his eyes. This article delves deep into the color of Kakashi’s eyes, exploring their significance, changes, and the lore behind them. We will examine the different stages of his life, the influence of the Sharingan, and how his eyes reflect his character’s development.

Kakashi Hatake

Character Overview

Kakashi Hatake, also known as the “Copy Ninja” or “Kakashi of the Sharingan,” is a ninja from Konohagakure (the Hidden Leaf Village). He is a highly skilled and revered shinobi, known for his exceptional talent and unique abilities. His mysterious demeanor and half-covered face add to his enigmatic personality, making him a fan favorite.


Physical Appearance

Kakashi is typically seen wearing his forehead protector slanted over his left eye, and a mask covering the lower half of his face, which leaves only his right eye visible. His silver hair, calm demeanor, and distinctive eye make him easily recognizable.


Kakashi’s Natural Eye Color

Revealing His True Eye Color

Kakashi’s natural eye color is a significant detail that is often overshadowed by the presence of the Sharingan. When he was first introduced, Kakashi’s visible eye is a dark, deep shade of gray. This color is consistent with the portrayal of many other characters in the “Naruto” series, where realistic and subdued eye colors are common among non-dōjutsu users.


Significance in the Series

The color gray can often symbolize neutrality and balance, which aligns with Kakashi’s role as a mentor and mediator in the series. His gray eye reflects his calm and composed nature, even in the face of adversity.


The Sharingan Eye

Origins and Acquisition

The Sharingan is a dōjutsu (eye technique) unique to the Uchiha clan, known for its red color and tomoe patterns. Kakashi obtained his Sharingan from his friend and comrade Obito Uchiha, who gifted it to him as a dying act of friendship and gratitude during a mission. This Sharingan was implanted in Kakashi’s left eye socket, giving him one natural gray eye and one Sharingan.

Appearance and Abilities

When activated, the Sharingan is characterized by its deep red color and one to three tomoe (comma-shaped marks) around the pupil. The Sharingan grants Kakashi several abilities such as enhanced perception, the ability to copy other ninjas’ techniques, and a heightened sense of awareness during combat.

The Mangekyō Sharingan

As Kakashi’s character progresses, he evolves his Sharingan into the Mangekyō Sharingan, a more advanced form of the eye. The Mangekyō Sharingan retains the red hue but displays a more intricate and unique pattern specific to its user. For Kakashi, this pattern resembles an overlapping pinwheel.

Rinnegan: A Brief Mention

While the primary focus regarding Kakashi’s eyes is on his natural eye and the Sharingan, it is worth mentioning the Rinnegan, another powerful dōjutsu. However, Kakashi never acquires the Rinnegan in the main storyline; it is more prominently associated with characters like Nagato (Pain) and Madara Uchiha.

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Eye Color and Character Development

Symbolism of Eye Colors

In “Naruto,” eye colors often carry significant symbolic weight. Kakashi’s gray eye represents his inherent personality traits—calmness, wisdom, and neutrality. On the other hand, the red Sharingan symbolizes his connection to the Uchiha clan’s powerful legacy, the burden of responsibility, and the pain of loss.

Kakashi’s Journey and Evolution

Throughout the series, the duality of Kakashi’s eyes mirrors his internal struggles and growth. The juxtaposition of his natural gray eye and the red Sharingan reflects his journey from a prodigious yet emotionally scarred youth to a wise and seasoned leader. His eyes tell the story of his sacrifices, the people he has lost, and the immense responsibility he carries.

Impact of Sharingan on Kakashi’s Abilities

Combat Proficiency

The Sharingan enhances Kakashi’s combat abilities significantly, allowing him to predict movements, copy techniques, and execute complex jutsu with precision. This proficiency earns him the title of “Copy Ninja,” as he can replicate any jutsu he witnesses.

Physical and Mental Strain

However, the Sharingan is not without its drawbacks. Unlike natural Uchiha members, Kakashi’s non-Uchiha body struggles with the chakra demands of the Sharingan. This strain often leaves him exhausted after prolonged use, highlighting the physical and mental toll it takes on him.

Kakashi’s Eyes in the Boruto Series

Post-War Developments

In the sequel series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Kakashi no longer possesses the Sharingan. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, he loses the Sharingan and reverts to having two gray eyes. This change marks a new chapter in his life, symbolizing a return to normalcy and peace after years of conflict.

Legacy and Mentorship

Even without the Sharingan, Kakashi’s legacy as a skilled ninja and mentor endures. His gray eyes now represent his role as a guiding figure for the new generation of ninjas, including Boruto Uzumaki and his peers.

Cultural and Fan Perception

Popularity and Iconic Status

Kakashi’s eyes have become iconic in popular culture, with fans often discussing their significance and the impact on his character. The distinctive appearance of his eyes, especially the Sharingan, contributes to his enduring popularity and status as one of the most memorable characters in “Naruto.”

Merchandising and Fan Art

Kakashi’s eyes are frequently featured in various forms of merchandise and fan art. From posters to action figures, the portrayal of his eyes—whether showing the Sharingan or his natural gray eye—continues to captivate fans worldwide.


Kakashi Hatake’s eyes are more than just a physical feature; they are a window into his soul and a reflection of his journey. His natural gray eye symbolizes his inherent traits of calmness and wisdom, while the Sharingan represents the burdens and responsibilities he has shouldered. The evolution of his eyes throughout the series parallels his growth as a character, from a young, talented shinobi to a wise and respected mentor.

Understanding the color of Kakashi’s eyes offers a deeper appreciation of his character and the intricate storytelling in “Naruto.” Whether gray or red, his eyes tell a story of loss, growth, and resilience, making Kakashi Hatake an enduring figure in the hearts of fans around the world.


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