Who Can Break Gojo’s Infinity?

by Hazel

Satoru Gojo, one of the most formidable characters in the popular manga and anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen,” is renowned for his immense power and his unique technique known as “Infinity.” This technique makes him nearly invincible, as it creates an impenetrable barrier between him and any potential threats. However, fans of the series often wonder if there is anyone or anything capable of breaking Gojo’s Infinity. This article delves into the intricacies of Gojo’s Infinity, examines the possible contenders, and analyzes the conditions under which his seemingly unbreakable defense might be penetrated.

Understanding Gojo’s Infinity

The Concept of Infinity

Gojo’s Infinity is derived from the Limitless technique, which allows him to manipulate and divide space at an atomic level. By harnessing the concept of infinity, Gojo creates an infinite series of barriers between himself and any incoming attack. These barriers progressively slow down the attack to the point where it never actually reaches him, effectively rendering him invulnerable.


Application of Infinity

The Infinity technique can be applied in various ways:


Defense: As mentioned, Gojo can use Infinity to create an impenetrable shield around himself, stopping any physical or cursed energy attacks.


Red and Blue: These are offensive applications of the Limitless technique, where Gojo manipulates space to attract or repel objects with immense force.


Hollow Purple: A combination of Red and Blue, this technique creates a devastating attack that can obliterate anything in its path.

Activation and Maintenance

Gojo’s Infinity is always active, thanks to his Six Eyes technique, which allows him to use his cursed energy with extreme precision and efficiency. This means that Gojo can maintain Infinity without exhausting his reserves of cursed energy, making it a constant and reliable defense mechanism.

Potential Contenders Against Gojo’s Infinity

While Gojo’s Infinity is incredibly powerful, the series has introduced several characters and concepts that might have the potential to break or bypass it. Here, we examine these contenders in detail:


Strength and Techniques

Ryomen Sukuna, often referred to simply as Sukuna, is the King of Curses and one of the most powerful entities in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” With unparalleled strength, cursed energy, and a vast array of techniques, Sukuna poses a significant threat to any opponent.

Domain Expansion

One of Sukuna’s most formidable abilities is his Domain Expansion, Malevolent Shrine. This technique creates an area where his attacks are guaranteed to hit, bypassing conventional defenses. While Gojo’s Infinity might still pose a challenge, Sukuna’s sheer power and the guaranteed hit property of his Domain Expansion could potentially find a way to overcome it.


Cunning and Versatility

Kenjaku, also known as Noritoshi Kamo, is a cunning and versatile sorcerer who has lived for over a thousand years by transplanting his brain into different bodies. His extensive knowledge of jujutsu and cursed techniques makes him a formidable adversary.

Manipulation and Strategy

Kenjaku’s strength lies not just in his raw power but also in his strategic mind and ability to manipulate others. He might not be able to break Infinity through brute force, but his intellect and resourcefulness could lead him to discover or create a method to bypass or neutralize Gojo’s defenses.

Toji Fushiguro

Physical Prowess

Toji Fushiguro, the Sorcerer Killer, is known for his extraordinary physical abilities and the rare Heavenly Restriction, which grants him immense strength and speed despite lacking cursed energy. His prowess in combat and his ability to use cursed tools make him a dangerous opponent.

Cursed Tools

One of the key factors that could give Toji an edge is his use of special cursed tools, such as the Inverted Spear of Heaven, which can nullify cursed techniques. If used correctly, such a tool might be able to penetrate Gojo’s Infinity.

Other Special Cases

Reverse Cursed Techniques

Reverse cursed techniques, which are used to heal and reverse damage, might offer a unique way to counteract Gojo’s Infinity. However, their application in a direct offensive capacity against Infinity remains speculative.

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Unknown Sorcerers

The world of “Jujutsu Kaisen” is vast, and there may be other sorcerers with unique abilities yet to be revealed. Such characters might possess techniques or tools specifically designed to counteract Gojo’s Infinity.

Analyzing Potential Breakthrough Methods

Brute Force vs. Strategic Bypass

Brute Force

Characters like Sukuna might attempt to overcome Infinity through sheer brute force, utilizing their immense power to break through Gojo’s defenses. While this approach seems straightforward, the nature of Infinity makes it highly resistant to such tactics.

Strategic Bypass

More cunning opponents, like Kenjaku, might seek to find loopholes or weaknesses in Gojo’s technique. This could involve manipulating the environment, using specialized cursed tools, or employing psychological tactics to disrupt Gojo’s concentration and weaken Infinity.

Cursed Tools and Techniques

Inverted Spear of Heaven

As mentioned, the Inverted Spear of Heaven is a cursed tool capable of nullifying cursed techniques. If wielded effectively, it could potentially penetrate Gojo’s Infinity and deal a significant blow.

Other Nullifying Tools

There may be other cursed tools with the ability to disrupt or nullify Infinity. The introduction of such items in the series would provide new possibilities for breaking Gojo’s defenses.

Domain Expansion Countermeasures

Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine

Sukuna’s Domain Expansion, with its guaranteed hit property, stands as one of the most credible threats to Gojo’s Infinity. The clash of their domains could lead to interesting interactions, with the outcome depending on the intricacies of their techniques and the situation at hand.

Other Domains

Other powerful sorcerers might possess Domain Expansions with unique properties that could challenge or bypass Infinity. The interaction between different domains remains a key area of interest in the series.

Theoretical Scenarios

Direct Confrontation

In a direct confrontation, characters like Sukuna and Toji would rely on their immense power and combat skills to try and break Gojo’s Infinity. The outcome would depend on their ability to adapt and exploit any momentary weaknesses in Gojo’s defense.

Strategic Manipulation

Characters like Kenjaku might use indirect methods, such as manipulating allies or using the environment, to create situations where Gojo’s Infinity is less effective. This approach would require careful planning and execution but could potentially yield results.

Team Efforts

A coordinated effort by multiple powerful sorcerers, each contributing their unique abilities, might be necessary to break Gojo’s Infinity. This scenario would involve combining offensive and strategic techniques to overwhelm Gojo’s defenses.

Fan Theories and Speculation

Popular Fan Theories

The “Jujutsu Kaisen” fan community is rife with theories about how Gojo’s Infinity could be broken. Some popular theories include:

Hidden Weaknesses: The possibility that Gojo’s Infinity has an undisclosed weakness that could be exploited.

New Techniques: The introduction of new cursed techniques specifically designed to counteract Infinity.

Character Evolution: The development of existing characters’ abilities to a point where they can challenge Gojo.

Speculative Matchups

Fans often speculate about matchups between Gojo and other powerful characters, analyzing potential outcomes based on their abilities and tactical acumen. These discussions contribute to the excitement and engagement surrounding the series.

The Role of Narrative and Plot Development

Author’s Intent

Ultimately, the question of who can break Gojo’s Infinity depends on the narrative direction chosen by Gege Akutami, the creator of “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The development of the plot and characters will dictate how and if Gojo’s defenses are ever overcome.

Future Story Arcs

As the series progresses, new story arcs may introduce characters, tools, or situations that challenge Gojo’s Infinity. These developments will shape the ongoing exploration of his powers and their limits.

Character Growth and Dynamics

The growth of characters like Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and others will also play a role in determining the future of Gojo’s Infinity. Their interactions with Gojo and their own development as sorcerers could provide insights into potential weaknesses or countermeasures.


Satoru Gojo’s Infinity is one of the most formidable techniques in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” making him nearly invincible in battle. However, the series presents several potential contenders and scenarios that could challenge this defense. From the immense power of Sukuna to the strategic cunning of Kenjaku and the physical prowess of Toji Fushiguro, various characters offer intriguing possibilities for breaking Gojo’s Infinity.

While brute force might seem like a direct approach, the true key to overcoming Infinity may lie in strategy, specialized tools, and the unique interactions between different cursed techniques. As the narrative of “Jujutsu Kaisen” continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the developments that will shed light on this question. Ultimately, the answer will be revealed through the creative vision of Gege Akutami and the evolving story of this captivating series.


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