Why Is King Waiting for Joyboy?

by Hazel

The world of “One Piece,” created by Eiichiro Oda, is filled with intricate lore, complex characters, and deep-seated mysteries that have captivated fans for decades. Among these enigmatic elements is the concept of Joy Boy and the intriguing question of why King is waiting for Joy Boy. This article explores the history, theories, and significance behind King’s anticipation of Joy Boy, delving into the potential implications for the broader narrative of “One Piece.”

Understanding Joy Boy

Historical Context

Joy Boy is a legendary figure in the “One Piece” world, first mentioned during the Fish-Man Island Arc. He is known for his connection to the Void Century, a period of history that has been erased from all records by the World Government. Joy Boy attempted to fulfill a promise to the people of Fish-Man Island but ultimately failed, leaving behind an apology inscribed on a Poneglyph.


Connection to the Ancient Weapons

Joy Boy is also linked to the ancient weapon Poseidon, which is revealed to be the mermaid princess who has the ability to communicate with Sea Kings. This connection implies that Joy Boy had a significant role in the events of the Void Century and possibly in the broader scheme of the world’s history.


The Promise and the Poneglyphs

The Poneglyphs, ancient stones scattered across the world, contain crucial historical information, including the story of Joy Boy and his unfulfilled promise. These stones are key to uncovering the lost history and understanding Joy Boy’s intentions and legacy.


King: A Complex Character

Background and Role

King, also known as King the Wildfire, is one of the All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates, serving directly under Kaido. His formidable strength, resilience, and loyalty make him a crucial member of Kaido’s crew. King belongs to a mysterious race known as the Lunarians, who are said to be capable of surviving in any environment and were once considered gods.


Lunarian Heritage

The Lunarians’ history and extinction are shrouded in mystery. King’s existence as possibly the last Lunarian adds layers to his character and may explain his deeper motivations and connections to Joy Boy.

Loyalty to Kaido

King’s loyalty to Kaido is unquestionable, yet his motivations extend beyond mere allegiance. His anticipation of Joy Boy suggests a deeper, more personal connection to the prophecy or the history involving Joy Boy.

The Prophecy of Joy Boy

Inherited Will

In the world of “One Piece,” the concept of inherited will is a recurring theme. Joy Boy’s will, though unfulfilled in his time, is expected to be carried on by a successor who will complete his mission. This notion ties directly into the idea that certain individuals in the current era, including Luffy, may be seen as the inheritors of Joy Boy’s will.

The Dawn of the World

The prophecy surrounding Joy Boy often mentions the “dawn of the world,” a time when the oppressive rule of the World Government is expected to end, leading to a new era of freedom and prosperity. This dawn is anticipated by various characters and factions within the story, including the Kozuki clan and the Mink Tribe.

King’s Awareness of the Prophecy

King’s awareness of the prophecy and his anticipation of Joy Boy suggest that he may hold knowledge about the true history of the world or possess insights into the events of the Void Century. This knowledge could stem from his Lunarian heritage or his experiences within Kaido’s crew.

Kaido’s Ambition and Joy Boy

Kaido’s Goals

Kaido, the leader of the Beasts Pirates, is known for his desire to start the greatest war the world has ever seen. His ultimate goal is to create a world of chaos where only the strongest survive. Kaido’s obsession with Joy Boy and the prophecy indicates that he believes Joy Boy’s return is crucial to achieving his vision.

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Kaido’s Belief in Luffy as Joy Boy

Kaido has expressed interest in Luffy potentially being Joy Boy. This belief suggests that Kaido views Luffy as a pivotal figure in the prophecy and a possible catalyst for the world-changing events he envisions. Kaido’s interactions with Luffy during their battles reveal his curiosity and potential respect for Luffy’s potential role.

King’s Alignment with Kaido’s Vision

King’s loyalty to Kaido and his anticipation of Joy Boy imply that he aligns with Kaido’s vision of the future. However, King’s true motivations might be more complex, possibly involving a desire to see the prophecy fulfilled for reasons related to his own heritage and the Lunarian race.

Theories and Speculations

Joy Boy’s Reincarnation

One popular theory is that Joy Boy is a title or a role that can be reincarnated across generations. Luffy, with his strong will, determination, and connections to various key figures and places in the story, is often speculated to be the current era’s Joy Boy. King’s anticipation might be linked to recognizing the signs of Joy Boy’s return in Luffy.

King’s Hidden Agenda

Another theory suggests that King may have a hidden agenda that goes beyond serving Kaido. His Lunarian heritage and the mystery surrounding his race could mean that he has a personal stake in the prophecy. King’s waiting for Joy Boy might be driven by a desire to see his race’s legacy restored or to fulfill an ancient promise.

The Role of the Poneglyphs

The Poneglyphs play a crucial role in uncovering the true history of the world and Joy Boy’s story. King’s anticipation of Joy Boy might be tied to the revelation of this hidden history. By waiting for Joy Boy, King could be hoping to unlock the secrets that have been lost to time and understand his place in the world’s history.

Implications for the “One Piece” Narrative

The Final War

The return of Joy Boy and the fulfillment of the prophecy are expected to play a pivotal role in the final war against the World Government. King’s anticipation of Joy Boy highlights the significance of this event in the overarching narrative. The resolution of Joy Boy’s story could lead to the dawn of a new era and the ultimate discovery of the One Piece.

Character Development

King’s character development is closely tied to the revelation of Joy Boy’s identity and the fulfillment of the prophecy. Understanding King’s motivations and his connection to Joy Boy will add depth to his character and provide insights into his actions and decisions throughout the series.

Revealing the True History

The revelation of Joy Boy’s story and the true history of the world will have profound implications for the “One Piece” universe. King’s anticipation of Joy Boy suggests that he might hold crucial knowledge or play a key role in unveiling this hidden history, which will reshape the understanding of the world and its past.


The question of why King is waiting for Joy Boy is a multifaceted mystery that intertwines with the deepest lore and themes of “One Piece.” King’s Lunarian heritage, his loyalty to Kaido, and his anticipation of Joy Boy all suggest a complex web of motivations and connections to the broader narrative. As the story progresses, the revelation of Joy Boy’s identity and the fulfillment of the prophecy are expected to be key elements in the climactic events of the series. Understanding King’s role in this context will not only enhance his character but also provide valuable insights into the overarching story of “One Piece.” The anticipation builds as fans eagerly await the moment when these mysteries will be unraveled, leading to the dawn of a new era in the “One Piece” world.


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