Is Gojo the Strongest in Jujutsu Kaisen?

by Hazel

Jujutsu Kaisen, created by Gege Akutami, has captured the imagination of anime and manga fans worldwide with its dynamic characters and intense battles. Among the formidable sorcerers and cursed spirits in the series, Satoru Gojo stands out as a powerhouse with unmatched abilities. As a mentor to the protagonist Yuji Itadori and a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Gojo’s strength and prowess in combat are often depicted as unparalleled. This article explores the question: Is Gojo the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen? Through an examination of his abilities, feats, and encounters with other characters, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of his power within the series.

Satoru Gojo: Introduction and Background

1. Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is introduced early in Jujutsu Kaisen as a highly skilled and enigmatic sorcerer. He is known for his distinctive appearance, including his blindfold and casual demeanor, which belies his immense power. Gojo serves as a mentor and teacher to the main characters, guiding them in their battles against cursed spirits and other threats.


2. Background and Training

Little is known about Gojo’s early life and training, adding to his mysterious aura. He is affiliated with the prestigious Gojo Clan, known for their exceptional abilities in jujutsu. Gojo’s training and mastery of his techniques, particularly the Six Eyes and the Limitless Cursed Technique, have made him a feared opponent among both humans and cursed spirits.


Gojo’s Abilities and Techniques

1. Six Eyes and Limitless

Gojo’s primary abilities revolve around his unique cursed techniques:


Six Eyes: This rare ability grants Gojo heightened perception and awareness, allowing him to see and react to attacks with incredible precision. It enhances his overall combat capabilities and strategic acumen.


Limitless: The Limitless Cursed Technique manipulates space at the atomic level, granting Gojo control over dimensions and barriers. He can create barriers that repel attacks and distort space to his advantage, making him nearly untouchable in battle.

2. Domain Expansion: Infinity

One of Gojo’s most formidable techniques is his Domain Expansion called “Infinity.” This ability creates a domain where he controls the rules of space, time, and reality. Inside his Infinity domain, Gojo is omnipotent, capable of overwhelming opponents with sheer force or trapping them in an inescapable space.

3. Gojo’s Combat Style

In combat, Gojo combines his exceptional physical prowess with his mastery of cursed techniques. He is known for his speed, agility, and the ability to analyze his opponents’ weaknesses. Gojo’s fighting style is both offensive and defensive, utilizing his Limitless techniques to neutralize threats while exploiting his enemies’ vulnerabilities.

Feats and Achievements

1. Battles Against Cursed Spirits

Throughout Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo demonstrates his prowess in numerous battles against powerful cursed spirits:

Jogo: In the Shibuya Incident arc, Gojo faces Jogo, a special grade cursed spirit with immense destructive power. Despite Jogo’s formidable abilities, Gojo overwhelms him effortlessly using his Limitless techniques and Domain Expansion.

Mahito: Another notable opponent is Mahito, a cursed spirit capable of manipulating souls and shapes. Gojo engages Mahito in a series of intense battles, showcasing his strategic thinking and adaptability in combat.

2. Shibuya Incident Arc

The Shibuya Incident arc is a pivotal moment highlighting Gojo’s strength and significance in the series. As chaos erupts in Shibuya, Gojo becomes a central figure in combating the threat posed by the curses unleashed by the antagonistic organization, including the powerful sorcerer Geto.

Comparison with Other Characters

1. Yuji Itadori

As the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori possesses immense potential and growth. Throughout the series, Yuji’s strength and abilities evolve, leading to comparisons with Gojo in terms of raw power and combat skills. However, Yuji acknowledges Gojo’s superiority and often relies on his mentor’s guidance and teachings.

2. Sukuna

Sukuna, the King of Curses, represents another formidable force in Jujutsu Kaisen. His strength and abilities rival those of Gojo, making their potential confrontation highly anticipated among fans. Sukuna’s existence poses a significant threat to both sorcerers and humanity, with implications for the balance of power in the series.

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3. Other Strong Sorcerers

Jujutsu Kaisen features a diverse cast of sorcerers, each with unique abilities and strengths. Characters like Toji Fushiguro, Maki Zenin, and others demonstrate exceptional combat skills and cursed techniques. While these characters present formidable challenges, Gojo’s status as the strongest remains largely uncontested within the narrative.

In-Universe Recognition and Impact

1. Influence and Reputation

Within the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo is widely recognized as the strongest sorcerer of his generation. His reputation precedes him, instilling fear in his enemies and admiration among his allies. Gojo’s influence extends beyond his combat abilities, as he plays a critical role in shaping the future of jujutsu sorcery and mentoring the next generation of sorcerers.

2. Strategic Importance

As a strategic asset to the Tokyo Jujutsu High and the broader sorcery world, Gojo’s decisions and actions carry significant weight. His interventions in critical situations, such as the Shibuya Incident, highlight his role in maintaining balance and protecting humanity from supernatural threats.

Critical Analysis and Controversies

1. Narrative Balance and Power Dynamics

While Gojo’s strength is central to the series’ plot, his overwhelming abilities raise questions about narrative tension and challenges for future conflicts. Balancing Gojo’s power with compelling storytelling and character development remains a critical aspect of Jujutsu Kaisen’s ongoing narrative.

2. Limitations and Vulnerabilities

Despite his near-invulnerability within his Infinity domain, Gojo is not without limitations and vulnerabilities. His blindfold, which seals his Six Eyes, serves as a narrative device to introduce challenges and moments of tension in battles. Gojo’s character development includes moments of vulnerability and growth, adding depth to his seemingly invincible persona.

3. Fan Reception and Expectations

Gojo’s popularity among fans is undeniable, with many celebrating his charismatic personality and impressive combat skills. However, discussions among fans often revolve around the implications of his strength on the series’ overall narrative and the potential outcomes of future conflicts involving other powerful characters.


Satoru Gojo’s status as the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen is supported by his unmatched abilities, strategic importance, and reputation within the series. His mastery of cursed techniques, including the Six Eyes, Limitless, and Domain Expansion, solidifies his position as a formidable force in combat against cursed spirits and rival sorcerers alike. While challenges and adversaries test his limits, Gojo remains a central figure in shaping the future of jujutsu sorcery and safeguarding humanity from supernatural threats. As Jujutsu Kaisen continues to unfold, Gojo’s role as the pinnacle of strength and leadership underscores his significance in the dynamic and evolving world of sorcery and curses.


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