Rick C-137 VS Evil Morty: Who Is Smarter?

by Hazel

The animated series “Rick and Morty” has captured the imaginations of audiences with its complex characters and intricate storylines. Among the many intriguing aspects of the show is the ongoing intellectual rivalry between Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137 and Evil Morty. Both characters exhibit exceptional intelligence and cunning, but the question remains: is Rick C-137 smarter than Evil Morty? This article delves into the capabilities, achievements, and strategies of both characters to assess their intellectual prowess and determine who stands superior.

Rick and Morty

Rick C-137

Rick Sanchez of dimension C-137 is a brilliant yet reckless scientist who travels across the multiverse with his grandson, Morty Smith. Known for his unparalleled genius, Rick C-137 invents advanced technologies, manipulates complex scientific principles, and outsmarts nearly every adversary he encounters. Despite his cynical and often nihilistic outlook, Rick’s intellect is unquestionable.


Evil Morty

Evil Morty, first introduced as a seemingly ordinary Morty, reveals his true nature as a formidable and ruthless mastermind. Unlike most Mortys, who are generally depicted as less intelligent and subservient to their Ricks, Evil Morty displays a high level of strategic thinking, manipulation, and scientific acumen. His ambition to break free from the control of Ricks and establish his own authority highlights his unique intellect.


Analyzing Rick C-137’s Intelligence

Scientific Achievements

Rick C-137’s scientific achievements are nothing short of extraordinary. Some of his most notable inventions and feats include:


Portal Gun: Allows instant travel between dimensions, showcasing his understanding of complex space-time mechanics.


Microverse Battery: An entire universe created within a battery to power his spaceship, demonstrating his mastery of quantum physics and engineering.

Mind Control: Devices like the “Meeseeks Box” and various mind-altering gadgets highlight his expertise in neurotechnology.

Strategic Genius

Rick’s ability to devise intricate plans and outmaneuver enemies is a testament to his strategic mind. Examples include:

Escape from Galactic Federation: His elaborate plan to dismantle the Galactic Federation from within a high-security prison.

Countering the Council of Ricks: Outwitting the multiverse’s most intelligent Ricks and dismantling their governance structures.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving

Rick’s adaptability in unpredictable situations further underscores his intelligence. Whether faced with interdimensional monsters or complex political structures, Rick consistently finds innovative solutions.

Moral and Ethical Ambiguity

Rick’s intelligence is often coupled with moral and ethical ambiguity. His willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone for his goals, including manipulating and deceiving those closest to him, indicates a ruthless pragmatism that enhances his effectiveness but also raises questions about his character.

Examining Evil Morty’s Intelligence

Strategic Mastery

Evil Morty’s rise to power is a result of his exceptional strategic thinking. Key examples include:

Manipulation of the Citadel: Ingeniously orchestrating events to become the President of the Citadel, manipulating both Ricks and Mortys to his advantage.

Long-Term Planning: His ability to plan over extended periods, patiently executing schemes that eventually lead to significant power shifts.

Scientific Proficiency

While Evil Morty’s scientific feats are less frequently showcased, his ability to manipulate Rick-level technology and execute complex plans suggests a high degree of scientific understanding.

Brainwave Concealment: Successfully masking his true identity from other Ricks, indicating advanced knowledge of neurotechnology and cloaking mechanisms.


Control of the Citadel: Utilizing technology and political strategy to maintain and exercise power, demonstrating both scientific and tactical prowess.

Psychological Insight

Evil Morty’s deep understanding of psychology allows him to manipulate others effectively. His ability to predict and exploit the behavior of both Ricks and Mortys is a significant aspect of his intelligence.

Moral Clarity and Determination

In contrast to Rick’s moral ambiguity, Evil Morty displays a clear, albeit ruthless, moral perspective. His determination to break free from the control of Ricks and challenge the established order highlights a focused and driven character.

Comparative Analysis

Raw Intelligence

In terms of raw scientific and intellectual capability, Rick C-137 appears to have the edge. His numerous inventions and deep understanding of the multiverse’s scientific principles are unparalleled.

Strategic and Tactical Prowess

Evil Morty excels in strategic and tactical intelligence. His ability to rise to power within the Citadel and execute long-term plans without detection speaks to a different kind of genius, one rooted in manipulation and strategic foresight.

Moral and Ethical Dimensions

Rick’s intelligence is often used in morally ambiguous or outright unethical ways, while Evil Morty’s actions, though ruthless, are driven by a clear goal of liberation and self-determination. This difference in motivation can influence how their intelligence is perceived and utilized.

Influence and Impact

Rick C-137’s impact on the multiverse is significant but often chaotic and self-serving. Evil Morty’s actions, on the other hand, suggest a deliberate and transformative approach to power and control, aiming for systemic change.

Scenarios and Hypothetical Outcomes

Direct Confrontation

In a direct confrontation, Rick’s adaptability and scientific prowess could give him an advantage. His experience in dealing with unexpected threats and his vast arsenal of inventions would make him a formidable opponent.

Long-Term Strategy

In a long-term strategic battle, Evil Morty’s patience, and ability to manipulate complex systems might allow him to outmaneuver Rick. His proficiency in working behind the scenes and executing elaborate plans could potentially outwit Rick’s more direct approach.

Collaborative Scenario

If Rick C-137 and Evil Morty were to collaborate, their combined intelligence could lead to unprecedented breakthroughs. Rick’s scientific genius paired with Evil Morty’s strategic acumen could revolutionize the multiverse.


Determining whether Rick C-137 is smarter than Evil Morty depends on the criteria used to measure intelligence. Rick’s unparalleled scientific achievements and adaptability suggest he holds superior raw intellectual power. However, Evil Morty’s strategic genius, long-term planning, and psychological insight present a different form of intelligence that is equally formidable.

Ultimately, the comparison between Rick C-137 and Evil Morty highlights the multifaceted nature of intelligence. While Rick excels in scientific innovation and problem-solving, Evil Morty’s strength lies in his strategic thinking and ability to manipulate complex systems. Both characters embody different aspects of genius, making it difficult to definitively declare one as smarter than the other. Instead, their rivalry and interactions continue to enrich the narrative of “Rick and Morty,” offering a nuanced exploration of intelligence in its many forms.


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