Why Tanjiro Didn’t Become a Hashira After Killing Enmu?

by Hazel

The world of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is richly woven with complex characters, intricate plotlines, and a deep lore that captivates audiences. One of the central characters, Tanjiro Kamado, showcases incredible bravery and skill as he battles demons to protect humanity. Despite his notable achievements, such as killing the Lower Moon One demon Enmu, Tanjiro does not immediately ascend to the rank of Hashira, or Pillar, within the Demon Slayer Corps. This article delves into the reasons why Tanjiro didn’t become a hashira after killing enmu, examining the criteria for becoming a Hashira, Tanjiro’s journey, and the broader narrative context.

Understanding the Role of a Hashira

What is a Hashira?

The Hashira, also known as the Pillars, are the elite members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They are the strongest and most skilled swordsmen who have dedicated their lives to eradicating demons. Each Hashira specializes in a particular Breathing Technique and plays a crucial role in leading the fight against the Twelve Kizuki, the strongest demons under Muzan Kibutsuji.


Criteria for Becoming a Hashira

To become a Hashira, a Demon Slayer must meet one of two main criteria:


Killing a Demon: Specifically, slaying one of the Twelve Kizuki.


Killing Demons: Accumulating significant combat experience by killing a large number of demons, usually over fifty, and demonstrating exceptional combat skills and leadership.


These criteria ensure that only the most capable and experienced Demon Slayers attain the rank of Hashira.

Tanjiro’s Achievements and Skills

Killing Enmu

Enmu, the Lower Moon One of the Twelve Kizuki, poses a formidable threat to Tanjiro and his companions during the Mugen Train arc. Despite the challenges, Tanjiro successfully kills Enmu, showcasing his growing strength, tactical acumen, and unwavering determination.

Mastery of Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura

Tanjiro begins his journey with the Water Breathing technique, taught by Sakonji Urokodaki. As the story progresses, he uncovers his family’s legacy of the Hinokami Kagura, or Sun Breathing, which significantly boosts his combat abilities. His versatility and ability to switch between techniques highlight his potential as a future Hashira.

Leadership and Compassion

Tanjiro’s compassion for others, even his enemies, sets him apart. His leadership qualities and ability to inspire those around him are evident in his interactions with fellow Demon Slayers and the civilians he protects. These traits are crucial for a Hashira, who must lead by example and uphold the principles of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Reasons Tanjiro Didn’t Become a Hashira After Killing Enmu

Not Meeting the Criteria

While killing Enmu is a significant achievement, it does not fulfill the requirement of killing an Upper Rank demon, who are far more powerful and serve as a more stringent test of a Demon Slayer’s abilities. The Lower Ranks, though formidable, do not pose the same level of threat as the Upper Ranks, thus not meeting the high standards set for becoming a Hashira.

Experience and Combat Readiness

Becoming a Hashira requires not just the ability to kill a powerful demon but also the experience and readiness to face the constant threats posed by the Upper Ranks and Muzan Kibutsuji himself. Tanjiro, despite his rapid growth and potential, still needs more experience and refinement in his combat skills and strategies.

Physical and Emotional Strain

The battle against Enmu and subsequent encounters take a significant toll on Tanjiro, both physically and emotionally. The responsibilities of a Hashira demand sustained peak performance and resilience, which require more time and training for Tanjiro to achieve fully.

Development of Breathing Techniques

Tanjiro’s mastery of Hinokami Kagura is still in its nascent stages during the Mugen Train arc. To stand among the Hashira, a Demon Slayer must have full command over their Breathing Techniques. Tanjiro’s journey in mastering Sun Breathing is ongoing, indicating that he needs more time to perfect this powerful technique.


Narrative and Character Development

Building a Hero’s Journey

Tanjiro’s journey in “Demon Slayer” is structured around the classic hero’s journey archetype. His path involves incremental growth, facing escalating challenges, and evolving into a more powerful and wise warrior. Instant ascension to Hashira status would disrupt this narrative arc and potentially undermine the depth of his character development.

Team Dynamics and Story Progression

The story of “Demon Slayer” thrives on the dynamics between Tanjiro and his companions, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira. Their growth as a team, and individually, is central to the series’ appeal. Elevating Tanjiro to a Hashira too soon would shift this balance and alter the storyline’s focus prematurely.

Training and Mentorship

Tanjiro continues to benefit from the mentorship and training provided by the existing Hashira. This guidance is essential for his growth, and the process of learning from seasoned warriors like Kyojuro Rengoku and Giyu Tomioka is crucial for his eventual rise to Hashira status.

The Role of Tragedy and Adversity

Tanjiro’s journey is marked by personal loss and the constant struggle against overwhelming odds. These elements build his character and resolve. Each encounter with stronger enemies, including the Upper Ranks, serves as a rite of passage, forging him into the hero capable of leading the Demon Slayer Corps in the future.

The Path Forward for Tanjiro

Continuing Battles Against the Upper Ranks

To become a Hashira, Tanjiro must face and defeat Upper Rank demons. These battles will test his limits and push him to refine his techniques and strategies. His encounter with Daki and Gyutaro, for instance, provides a glimpse of the escalating challenges he will face.

Mastery of Sun Breathing

Tanjiro’s continued mastery of Hinokami Kagura is critical. As he delves deeper into this ancient and powerful technique, he unlocks new potentials that will elevate his combat prowess to Hashira levels.

Growth in Leadership

Tanjiro’s natural leadership qualities will continue to develop as he leads his peers in battle. His ability to inspire and protect those around him will solidify his position as a future leader of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Endurance and Resilience

Building the physical and emotional endurance required for a Hashira is a gradual process. Tanjiro’s ability to recover from battles, both physically and mentally, will strengthen over time, preparing him for the immense responsibilities of a Hashira.


Tanjiro Kamado’s journey in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” is one of relentless growth and unwavering determination. Despite his remarkable achievements, including the defeat of Enmu, his path to becoming a Hashira requires further experience, mastery, and resilience. The stringent criteria for Hashira status, the need for continuous character development, and the importance of his evolving narrative all contribute to why Tanjiro does not immediately ascend to the rank of Hashira. As Tanjiro continues to face formidable challenges and hone his skills, he is poised to one day join the ranks of the elite Hashira, embodying the strength and spirit of the Demon Slayer Corps.


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