Netflix’s Latest Anime, The Imaginary, Premieres July 5, 2024

by Hazel

Netflix is set to release its latest anime film, “The Imaginary,” directed by Studio Ghibli alum Yoshiyuki Momose, on July 5, 2024. The film, produced by Studio Ponoc, features an impressive English voice cast, including LeVar Burton and Kal Penn, promising a magical adventure inspired by the Ghibli aesthetic.

The release of “The Imaginary” was delayed from 2022 to 2024 due to pandemic-related production issues. Despite the delay, the film is expected to deliver a compelling story that continues Netflix’s successful anime offerings.


A recently released English dub trailer confirmed the release date and showcased the film’s plot and cast. “The Imaginary” follows Amanda and her imaginary friend, Rudger, as they navigate a fantastical world threatened by dark forces. The film’s visuals maintain the beloved Ghibli-style, enhancing the enchanting narrative.


The English voice cast includes:

  • Louie Rudge-Buchanan as Rudger
  • Evie Kiszel as Amanda
  • Hayley Atwell as Lizzie
  • Sky Katz as Emily
  • Jeremy Swift as Mr. Bunting
  • Kal Penn as Zinzan
  • LeVar Burton as The Old Dog
  • Jane Singer as Granny Downbeat
  • Ruby Barnhill as Aurora
  • Roger Craig Smith as Snowflake
  • Courtenay Taylor as Cruncher-of-Bones
  • Miles Nibbe as John

Studio Ponoc, known for its previous work like “Modest Heroes” (2018), brings another endearing adventure with “The Imaginary.” The film explores themes of imagination, childhood, and the emotional journey of growing up and facing reality.


As the trailer reveals, Rudger is Amanda’s imaginary friend, fully aware of the world around her, including other invisible creatures. Their adventure into a world of fantastical beings reflects the importance of imagination, much like other popular films such as “Inside Out.”

“The Imaginary” promises to be a visual and emotional journey, highlighting the unique bond between humans and their imaginary friends. This latest colorful anime adventure is set to captivate audiences of all ages when it debuts on Netflix on July 5, 2024.


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