Why Does Howl Flirt with Lettie?

by Hazel

In the enchanting world of “Howl’s Moving Castle,” directed by Hayao Miyazaki and based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones, the character of Howl is known for his charismatic and flirtatious nature. Among the many interactions in the film, Howl’s interactions with Lettie, Sophie’s sister, stand out as particularly intriguing. This article seeks to explore the reasons why Howl flirts with Lettie, examining their dynamics within the narrative and the broader themes of the story.

Howl and Lettie

Before delving into the reasons for Howl’s behavior towards Lettie, it’s essential to understand the characters themselves and their roles in the story.



Howl, also known as Wizard Howl, is a powerful and enigmatic wizard who resides in a magical moving castle. Known for his handsome appearance, flamboyant demeanor, and complex personality, Howl is initially portrayed as a notorious heartthrob who charms many women with his magic and charisma. Despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, Howl is revealed to be deeply conflicted and vulnerable, struggling with his own fears and insecurities.



Lettie Hatter is Sophie Hatter’s younger sister. In the film adaptation, Lettie works as an apprentice at Cesari’s Bakery in Market Chipping. She is depicted as spirited, capable, and supportive of her older sister Sophie. Lettie’s interactions with Howl are brief but notable, hinting at a playful dynamic between them.


Exploring Howl’s Flirtations with Lettie

The flirtatious exchanges between Howl and Lettie occur primarily during Sophie’s transformation into an old woman by the Witch of the Waste’s curse. Sophie, now elderly, encounters Lettie and others in Market Chipping while searching for a way to break the curse. Let’s examine several reasons why Howl flirts with Lettie:


1. Charismatic Persona

One of Howl’s defining traits is his charismatic persona. He exudes charm effortlessly, which naturally draws people towards him, including Lettie. Howl’s flirtations can be seen as an extension of his playful and confident demeanor, a way to entertain himself and others around him.

2. Protective Instincts

Despite his carefree facade, Howl harbors a protective instinct towards those he cares about. Lettie, as Sophie’s sister, becomes indirectly connected to Howl’s circle of concern. His flirtations with Lettie could be interpreted as a form of subtle reassurance or camaraderie, aimed at maintaining a positive atmosphere amidst challenging circumstances.

3. Distraction from Personal Turmoil

Throughout the film, Howl wrestles with inner turmoil, stemming from his fear of losing his humanity and the consequences of his magical abilities. His flirtations with Lettie might serve as a temporary distraction or coping mechanism, allowing him to momentarily escape his own anxieties and uncertainties.

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4. Testing Sophie’s Reaction

Sophie, transformed into an old woman by the curse, observes Howl’s interactions with Lettie from a different perspective. Howl’s flirtations could serve as a deliberate test of Sophie’s feelings or loyalty, subtly challenging her to confront her own emotions towards him amidst their complicated relationship.

5. Cultural and Social Norms

In the world of “Howl’s Moving Castle,” social norms and expectations may differ from our own. Howl’s flirtations with Lettie could be reflective of these cultural nuances, where playful banter and romantic gestures hold different meanings or significance.

Themes and Symbolism

Beyond the surface level of flirtation, the interactions between Howl and Lettie can be viewed through the lens of broader themes and symbolism present in the film.

1. Fluidity of Identity

“Howl’s Moving Castle” explores themes of transformation and the fluidity of identity. Sophie’s curse transforms her physical appearance, challenging her perception of self. Similarly, Howl’s flirtations with Lettie may reflect the transient nature of identity and relationships, highlighting the characters’ adaptability in the face of change.

2. Exploration of Love and Affection

Love and affection manifest in various forms throughout the film. Howl’s flirtations with Lettie may underscore the complexities of romantic attraction and emotional connections, offering a nuanced portrayal of relationships beyond conventional boundaries.

3. Narrative Depth and Subtext

Director Hayao Miyazaki is known for infusing his films with rich narrative depth and subtext. Howl’s flirtations with Lettie could serve as a narrative device to explore character dynamics, adding layers of complexity to their interactions and enhancing the storytelling experience.


In conclusion, the reasons behind Howl’s flirtations with Lettie in “Howl’s Moving Castle” are multifaceted and open to interpretation. Howl’s charismatic persona, protective instincts, and the narrative context of the film all contribute to the dynamic between the characters. Their interactions, while brief, contribute to the film’s exploration of identity, love, and personal growth. Ultimately, Howl’s flirtations with Lettie serve as a compelling element of the story, enriching the viewer’s experience and adding depth to the characters’ relationships.

As viewers continue to engage with “Howl’s Moving Castle,” they are invited to explore the nuances of Howl and Lettie’s interactions, appreciating the complexity of human emotions and connections depicted in this enchanting tale directed by Hayao Miyazaki.


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