What Demon Slayer Rank is Tanjiro?

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” created by Koyoharu Gotouge, has taken the anime and manga world by storm. At the heart of this captivating story is Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who becomes a Demon Slayer to avenge his family and find a cure for his sister, Nezuko, who has been turned into a demon. Throughout his journey, Tanjiro’s rank within the Demon Slayer Corps is a point of interest and progression. This article delves into Tanjiro’s rank, how it evolves over the series, and what it signifies within the context of his journey and the Demon Slayer Corps.

Demon Slayer Ranks

The Structure of the Demon Slayer Corps

The Demon Slayer Corps is an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from demons. It has a hierarchical structure that categorizes its members based on their skill, experience, and accomplishments. The ranks serve as a measure of a Demon Slayer’s ability and are crucial for missions and responsibilities assigned within the organization.


Ranks Within the Corps

The ranks within the Demon Slayer Corps are divided into two main categories: lower and upper ranks. These ranks are further divided as follows:


Lower Ranks:

  • Mizunoto (Water’s Surface)
  • Mizunoe (Water’s Surface 2)
  • Kanoto (Middle Class)
  • Kanoe (Middle Class 2)
  • Tsuchinoto (Soil’s Surface)
  • Tsuchinoe (Soil’s Surface 2)

Upper Ranks:

  • Hinoto (Fire’s Surface)
  • Hinoe (Fire’s Surface 2)
  • Kinoto (Metal’s Surface)
  • Kinoe (Metal’s Surface 2)

Additionally, there are the Hashira, the highest-ranking members, who are the elite warriors of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Significance of Ranks

Ranks signify a Demon Slayer’s skill level, experience, and trust within the organization. Higher ranks are associated with greater responsibilities and more dangerous missions. Progressing through the ranks is a testament to a Demon Slayer’s growth and achievements.

Tanjiro’s Initial Rank

Joining the Demon Slayer Corps

Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps after passing the Final Selection, a grueling test that determines whether a candidate is capable of becoming a Demon Slayer. This marks the beginning of his journey and his entry into the lowest rank.

Starting as a Mizunoto

After surviving the Final Selection, Tanjiro begins his career as a Mizunoto, the lowest rank in the Demon Slayer Corps. At this stage, he is just starting to understand the world of demons and the responsibilities of a Demon Slayer.

Challenges Faced as a Mizunoto

As a Mizunoto, Tanjiro faces numerous challenges:

Lack of Experience: Tanjiro is new to demon-slaying and must learn quickly to survive.

Basic Missions: Initially, he is assigned to less dangerous missions that are suitable for his rank.

Growth and Learning: This period is crucial for Tanjiro to hone his skills, understand his strengths, and work on his weaknesses.

Progression Through the Ranks

Earning Higher Ranks

Tanjiro’s progression through the ranks is marked by his accomplishments and the recognition he receives from the Corps. His determination, skill, and the battles he faces contribute to his advancement.

Significant Battles and Missions

Several key battles and missions play a pivotal role in Tanjiro’s rank advancement:

Battle Against Rui: Tanjiro’s battle against Rui, a Lower Moon demon, showcases his growing strength and strategic thinking. Despite Rui’s overwhelming power, Tanjiro’s resilience and teamwork with Nezuko earn him recognition.

Mugen Train Arc: Tanjiro’s involvement in the Mugen Train mission, where he faces Enmu and later Akaza, further cements his reputation. His courage and determination during these battles highlight his potential.

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Tanjiro’s Rank During the Entertainment District Arc

By the time of the Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro has significantly advanced from his initial rank. His experiences and the battles he has faced have propelled him to a higher rank within the Demon Slayer Corps.

Battle Against Daki and Gyutaro

The Entertainment District Arc is crucial in showcasing Tanjiro’s growth. His battle against the Upper Moon Six demons, Daki and Gyutaro, is a testament to his abilities. Despite the immense danger, Tanjiro’s strategic thinking, teamwork with his comrades, and his unwavering resolve contribute to the defeat of these powerful demons.

Recognition and Rank Advancement

Following the battle in the Entertainment District, Tanjiro’s contributions and the skills he displayed are acknowledged by the Corps. This recognition is crucial for his rank advancement, as it reflects his growing competence as a Demon Slayer.

Current Rank and Significance

Tanjiro’s Rank in the Swordsmith Village Arc

In the Swordsmith Village Arc, Tanjiro continues to demonstrate his abilities and resilience. His rank during this arc is indicative of his status as an experienced Demon Slayer capable of handling high-stakes missions.

Role in the Swordsmith Village Arc

Tanjiro’s role in protecting the Swordsmith Village from Upper Moon demons further establishes his importance within the Corps. His tactical acumen, combined with his physical prowess, allows him to stand against formidable opponents, reinforcing his rank and reputation.

Kinoe Rank and Beyond

Tanjiro’s progression through the ranks eventually leads him to achieve the rank of Kinoe, one of the highest ranks before reaching the status of a Hashira. This rank is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the numerous battles he has survived.

Responsibilities and Expectations

As a Kinoe, Tanjiro is expected to undertake more challenging missions and responsibilities. His rank signifies his ability to lead, strategize, and protect others effectively. It also reflects the trust the Demon Slayer Corps places in him.

Potential to Become a Hashira

Given Tanjiro’s trajectory, there is speculation about his potential to become a Hashira, the highest-ranking members of the Demon Slayer Corps. The Hashira are elite warriors who have demonstrated unparalleled skill and have faced numerous powerful demons.

Criteria for Becoming a Hashira

To become a Hashira, a Demon Slayer must:

Defeat a Demon of the Twelve Kizuki: This requirement ensures that only those who have faced and defeated significant threats can be considered for the rank.

Exhibit Exceptional Skill and Leadership: Hashira are not only powerful fighters but also leaders within the Corps. They must possess the ability to guide and inspire others.

Demonstrate Dedication and Resolve: The path to becoming a Hashira requires unwavering dedication to the cause and a willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.

Impact of Tanjiro’s Rank on the Story

Character Development

Tanjiro’s rank progression is closely tied to his character development. Each rank advancement reflects his growth, both as a fighter and as an individual. His journey from a novice Mizunoto to a seasoned Kinoe showcases his resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment to his goals.

Influence on Comrades

Tanjiro’s rank and accomplishments also influence those around him. His determination and strength inspire his comrades, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the Demon Slayer Corps. His relationships with fellow Demon Slayers like Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanao are strengthened through shared experiences and mutual respect.

Plot Advancement

Tanjiro’s rank advancements drive the plot forward, introducing new challenges and higher-stakes missions. His growth as a Demon Slayer allows for more complex and intense battles, contributing to the overall narrative of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.”


Tanjiro Kamado’s journey within the Demon Slayer Corps is a central aspect of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” His rank progression from a Mizunoto to a Kinoe highlights his growth as a fighter and as a person. Each rank advancement is a testament to his skill, determination, and the battles he has faced. As the series continues, Tanjiro’s potential to become a Hashira looms on the horizon, promising further development and challenges. His rank within the Corps is not just a measure of his abilities but also a reflection of his unwavering resolve to protect humanity and find a cure for his sister, Nezuko.


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