Who Is Naruto’s Adopted Son?

by Hazel

Naruto Uzumaki, the beloved protagonist of the “Naruto” and “Boruto” series, is known for his unwavering determination, boundless compassion, and strong sense of family. Throughout his journey, Naruto forms deep connections with many characters, some of whom he comes to regard as family. Among these relationships is his bond with Kawaki, a character introduced in the sequel series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” This article delves into the story of Kawaki, exploring his background, adoption by Naruto, and the impact of their bond on the broader narrative.


Kawaki’s introduction to the “Boruto” series brought a new layer of complexity and intrigue to the story. His first appearance in the manga and anime was marked by tension and mystery, as he was shown to possess a power similar to that of Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s biological son.


1. Kawaki’s Mysterious Past:

Kawaki’s early life was filled with hardship and suffering. Born into a dysfunctional family, he was sold by his father to Jigen, the leader of the Kara organization. Jigen subjected Kawaki to inhumane experiments to transform him into a vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki, an ancient and powerful being. These experiments left Kawaki with a unique ability known as the Kāma, a seal that grants him immense power but also ties him to Isshiki’s will.


2. Escape from Kara:

Kawaki’s life took a significant turn when he managed to escape from Kara’s clutches. His journey led him to Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, where he encountered Naruto Uzumaki. This meeting set the stage for Kawaki’s integration into Naruto’s family and the broader storyline of “Boruto.”


The Bond Between Naruto and Kawaki

Naruto’s decision to take Kawaki under his wing was driven by his deep empathy and understanding of Kawaki’s plight. Having experienced a lonely and challenging childhood himself, Naruto saw a reflection of his younger self in Kawaki and resolved to offer him the love and support he desperately needed.


1. Acceptance and Trust:

Naruto’s acceptance of Kawaki was not immediate. The villagers and even some of Naruto’s closest allies were initially wary of Kawaki due to his association with Kara. However, Naruto’s unwavering belief in giving people second chances and his determination to protect Kawaki helped to gradually earn the trust of others.

2. A Father-Son Relationship:

As Kawaki began to settle into life in Konoha, his relationship with Naruto deepened. Naruto treated Kawaki with the same care and affection he showed his biological children, Boruto and Himawari. This paternal bond was pivotal in helping Kawaki heal from his traumatic past and develop a sense of belonging.

3. Training and Growth:

Under Naruto’s guidance, Kawaki began to hone his abilities and learn to control the Kāma seal. Naruto’s mentorship was instrumental in Kawaki’s growth, both as a shinobi and as a person. Through rigorous training and heartfelt conversations, Naruto instilled in Kawaki the values of perseverance, compassion, and loyalty.

The Impact of Kawaki on Naruto’s Family

Kawaki’s integration into the Uzumaki family had a profound impact on all its members. His presence brought new dynamics and challenges, but also opportunities for growth and deeper connections.

1. Boruto and Kawaki:

The relationship between Boruto and Kawaki was initially fraught with tension and rivalry. However, over time, the two boys developed a strong bond, rooted in mutual respect and shared experiences. Their dynamic became one of the central themes of the “Boruto” series, highlighting themes of brotherhood and teamwork.

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2. Himawari’s Role:

Himawari, Naruto’s daughter, played a significant role in helping Kawaki feel at home. Her kindness and innocence provided a stark contrast to the harshness Kawaki had previously known. Himawari’s acceptance and friendship further solidified Kawaki’s place within the Uzumaki family.

3. Hinata’s Support:

Hinata, Naruto’s wife, supported Naruto’s decision to take in Kawaki. Her gentle and nurturing nature helped Kawaki feel safe and loved. Hinata’s acceptance of Kawaki underscored the strength of the Uzumaki family’s bonds and their commitment to caring for each other.

Kawaki’s Development and Transformation

Kawaki’s journey from a troubled youth to a beloved member of the Uzumaki family is marked by significant personal growth and transformation.

1. Overcoming Trauma:

One of the most compelling aspects of Kawaki’s story is his struggle to overcome the trauma of his past. Through his interactions with Naruto and the rest of the Uzumaki family, Kawaki learned to trust and open up, gradually healing from his emotional scars.

2. Embracing His Identity:

Kawaki’s journey also involved embracing his identity and coming to terms with his powers. Under Naruto’s mentorship, Kawaki learned to control the Kāma seal and use his abilities for the greater good, aligning his path with the values of the Hidden Leaf Village.

3. Building Relationships:

Beyond his relationship with Naruto, Kawaki formed bonds with other characters in the series. His friendships with characters like Sarada Uchiha and Mitsuki further emphasized his integration into the Konoha community and his growth as an individual.

The Broader Narrative Impact

Kawaki’s presence in the “Boruto” series has significant implications for the broader narrative, influencing major plotlines and character developments.

1. The Threat of Kara:

Kawaki’s backstory is deeply intertwined with the threat posed by the Kara organization and the Otsutsuki clan. His knowledge and experience with Kara make him a valuable ally in the fight against these powerful adversaries, driving the plot forward.

2. The Evolution of Boruto:

Kawaki’s influence on Boruto is profound. Their relationship pushes Boruto to grow and mature, shaping his development as the series’ protagonist. The two characters’ intertwined destinies add depth and complexity to the storyline.

3. Themes of Family and Redemption:

Kawaki’s journey underscores the themes of family, redemption, and the power of love and acceptance. His story exemplifies how a supportive and loving environment can help individuals overcome their past and build a brighter future.

Future Prospects for Kawaki and Naruto

As the “Boruto” series continues to evolve, the future prospects for Kawaki and his relationship with Naruto remain a key focus for fans and creators alike.

1. Kawaki’s Role in Konoha:

Kawaki’s integration into the Hidden Leaf Village opens up numerous possibilities for his future role. Whether as a protector of the village or a key figure in the ongoing battle against the Otsutsuki, Kawaki’s contributions are poised to be significant.

2. The Evolving Dynamic:

The dynamic between Naruto and Kawaki is likely to continue evolving. As Kawaki grows and matures, his relationship with Naruto will reflect the ongoing themes of mentorship, fatherhood, and mutual respect.

3. Potential Conflicts:

Given the complex and unpredictable nature of the “Boruto” series, future conflicts and challenges are inevitable. How Kawaki and Naruto navigate these obstacles will be crucial to the storyline and their character development.


Kawaki’s introduction to the “Boruto” series and his subsequent adoption by Naruto Uzumaki adds a rich layer of depth and emotion to the narrative. His journey from a troubled past to becoming a cherished member of the Uzumaki family highlights themes of redemption, family, and personal growth. As the series progresses, the bond between Naruto and Kawaki will undoubtedly continue to shape the story, offering fans a compelling and heartwarming exploration of what it means to be a family.


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