“Twilight Out of Focus” Anime Premiere Set for July 4

by Hazel

The anime adaptation of “Twilight Out of Focus,” based on the original story by Janome, is set to premiere on July 4. With this announcement, fans have been treated to the second key visual, a promotional video, and details on the theme songs.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme: “Crank Up” by Ikusaburo Yamazaki


Ending Theme: “Unchain×Unchain” by Amber’s



Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Mao Tsuchiya


Yuma Uchida as Hisashi Otomo


Makoto Furukawa as Zin Kikuchihara

Masatomo Nakazawa as Giichi Ichikawa

Takuya Eguchi as Rei Inaba

Soma Saito as Shion Yoshino

Main Staff

Director: Toshinori Watanabe

Character Design: Yoko Kikuchi

Series Composition: Yoshimi Narita

Animation Production: Studio DEEN

Story Overview

Kodansha USA publishes an official English version of the manga and describes the story as follows:

Second-years Mao Tsuchiya and Hisashi Ohtomo make three promises:

Mao will never tell anyone that Hisashi is gay and has a boyfriend.

Hisashi will never think of Mao “in that way.”

They’ll always knock before entering, in case someone is having some “private time.”

These ground rules are meant to ensure a peaceful life together in their dorm, but life is never as simple as it should be, and some things are not so easily promised…

With an intriguing premise and a talented cast and crew, “Twilight Out of Focus” is highly anticipated by fans of the manga and anime enthusiasts alike. Mark your calendars for the premiere on July 4!


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