Black Butler to Go on Indefinite Hiatus Before Final Saga

by Hazel

For two decades, Yana Taboso has been a standout artist in the manga industry. As the creator of Black Butler and a top talent at Square Enix, Taboso has continually refined their craft. With the artist’s 20th anniversary in the industry approaching, they have announced that Black Butler will be going on an indefinite hiatus in preparation for its final saga.

In a heartfelt letter to fans, Taboso shared the news, confirming the manga’s extended break. This hiatus will allow Taboso the time needed to meticulously plan the climax of the beloved series.


“To everyone who supports Black Butler, thank you very much for always supporting Black Butler. At this time, I will be taking a longer hiatus than usual. In 2024, it will have been 20 years since my debut in 2004. I have been able to work without any major illnesses or breaks all this time thanks to your support,” Taboso shared with fans.


“During this hiatus, while taking good care of myself, I will be preparing for the climax of Black Butler. I apologize to all those who look forward to its monthly serialization. I will return in top form, so I would be grateful if you could wait a little longer for my return.”


Square Enix is temporarily pausing Black Butler, but the series will return. Taboso, who has been remarkably consistent in their work, is taking a well-deserved break after 20 years of continuous publication. This hiatus is not only for their health but also to ensure the final act of Black Butler is crafted to perfection.


For those unfamiliar with Black Butler, the series is available in English through Yen Press. The anime adaptation also made a comeback this year with its Public School arc.

Set in a manor house near London, Black Butler follows the story of Ciel Phantomhive, a young earl who serves Queen Victoria and is a giant in the world of commerce. His loyal butler, Sebastian, is always by his side, capable of performing seemingly impossible tasks. Sebastian’s abilities are so extraordinary that they hint he might be more than just human.

As fans await the return of Black Butler, they can continue to enjoy the existing manga and anime. With Taboso’s commitment to delivering a spectacular finale, the hiatus promises to be a worthwhile wait.


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