How Is Gojo a Traitor?

by Hazel

In the universe of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” created by Gege Akutami, Satoru Gojo is one of the most powerful and enigmatic characters. Known for his unmatched strength, charismatic personality, and often unorthodox methods, Gojo is a key figure in the series. Despite his heroic status and dedication to protecting humanity from cursed spirits, there have been instances where Gojo’s actions and decisions have led to him being perceived as a traitor. This article delves into the complexities of Gojo’s character, exploring why Gojo is seen as a traitor by some, and examining the underlying motivations and consequences of his actions.

The Character of Satoru Gojo

1. Background and Abilities

Satoru Gojo is a Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer, renowned for his immense power and his possession of the Six Eyes and Limitless techniques. These abilities make him one of the most formidable sorcerers, capable of taking on even the most powerful curses and adversaries.


2. Personality Traits

Gojo is characterized by his confidence, sometimes bordering on arrogance, and his rebellious nature. He often challenges the traditional structures and authorities within the Jujutsu world, driven by his own sense of justice and vision for the future.


Incidents Leading to the Perception of Betrayal

1. Gojo’s Conflict with the Jujutsu Higher-Ups

One of the primary reasons Gojo is perceived as a traitor is his constant conflict with the higher-ups of the Jujutsu Society. He frequently disagrees with their decisions, which he views as corrupt and self-serving. This rebellion against the established order has led to significant friction.


Questioning Authority

Gojo openly criticizes the Jujutsu higher-ups, questioning their decisions and the motivations behind them. His outspoken nature and refusal to conform have branded him as a maverick, often at odds with the traditionalists.


Protection of Yuji Itadori

Gojo’s decision to protect and train Yuji Itadori, despite the higher-ups’ orders to execute him due to the threat posed by the presence of Sukuna, is a direct act of defiance. This action is viewed as a betrayal by those who prioritize adherence to rules over potential risks.

2. Gojo’s Vision for Reform

Gojo’s vision for reforming the Jujutsu world is another factor that contributes to his image as a traitor. He seeks to dismantle the old, corrupt system and replace it with one that is fair and just, which threatens the status quo.

Creating a New Order

Gojo aims to create a new order that nurtures young sorcerers and encourages them to think independently rather than blindly follow orders. This revolutionary approach is seen as a direct challenge to the existing power structure.

Training the Next Generation

By focusing on training the next generation of sorcerers, Gojo hopes to cultivate a new breed of sorcerers who will support his vision of change. This approach is viewed with suspicion by the higher-ups, who fear losing their control and influence.

The Battle of Shibuya Incident

1. Prelude to the Battle

The Battle of Shibuya is a pivotal event in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” where Gojo’s actions are heavily scrutinized. The incident is orchestrated by the antagonists, aiming to seal Gojo and eliminate the greatest threat to their plans.

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Gojo’s Strategic Moves

Gojo’s actions during the lead-up to the Battle of Shibuya, including his strategic decisions and confrontations, play a crucial role in shaping the events. His unorthodox methods and willingness to take risks are evident.

Perception of Recklessness

Despite his good intentions, some perceive Gojo’s actions as reckless and irresponsible. His willingness to put himself and others in danger for the greater good is viewed by some as a betrayal of their safety and trust.

2. Sealing of Gojo

The sealing of Gojo during the Battle of Shibuya is a turning point in the series. It leaves a power vacuum and raises questions about his judgment and the consequences of his actions.

The Plan of the Antagonists

The antagonists’ plan to seal Gojo is based on their understanding of his pivotal role in maintaining the balance of power. By removing him, they aim to destabilize the Jujutsu world and further their own goals.

Impact on the Jujutsu Sorcerers

Gojo’s sealing has a profound impact on the morale and effectiveness of the Jujutsu sorcerers. It forces them to confront their vulnerabilities and adapt to the new reality without their strongest ally.

Motivations Behind Gojo’s Actions

1. Desire for Change

At the core of Gojo’s actions is a deep desire for change. He is driven by the belief that the current system is flawed and needs to be reformed for the greater good.

Personal Experience

Gojo’s personal experiences and the injustices he has witnessed shape his desire for change. He is motivated by a sense of responsibility to create a better future for the next generation of sorcerers.

Vision of a Just Society

Gojo envisions a society where sorcerers are not bound by corrupt authorities and can use their abilities for the true purpose of protecting humanity. This vision drives his actions and decisions, even if they are seen as traitorous by some.

2. Protection of Students

Gojo’s dedication to protecting and nurturing his students is another key motivation. He sees them as the future of the Jujutsu world and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety and development.

Breaking the Cycle

Gojo aims to break the cycle of fear and obedience that he believes stifles the potential of young sorcerers. By protecting and empowering his students, he hopes to create a new generation of independent thinkers.

Personal Connections

Gojo’s personal connections with his students, particularly Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki, are central to his motivations. His actions are often driven by his commitment to their growth and well-being.

Consequences of Gojo’s Perceived Betrayal

1. Isolation and Distrust

Gojo’s perceived betrayal leads to isolation and distrust from both his peers and the higher-ups. His actions, though well-intentioned, create a divide that is difficult to bridge.

Strained Relationships

Gojo’s relationships with other sorcerers and authority figures become strained. His defiance and rebellious nature make it challenging for others to fully trust him.

Increased Scrutiny

Gojo’s every move is scrutinized, and his intentions are often questioned. This increased scrutiny adds pressure and complicates his efforts to implement change.

2. Impact on the Jujutsu World

Gojo’s perceived betrayal has far-reaching implications for the Jujutsu world. It influences the dynamics of power, the morale of sorcerers, and the overall stability of their society.

Power Vacuum

The sealing of Gojo creates a power vacuum that the antagonists exploit. The absence of the strongest sorcerer forces others to step up and adapt to the new reality.

Catalyst for Change

Despite the immediate challenges, Gojo’s actions serve as a catalyst for change. They prompt introspection and encourage others to question the status quo, ultimately contributing to the evolution of the Jujutsu world.


Satoru Gojo is a complex character whose actions and motivations often blur the lines between heroism and perceived betrayal. His constant conflict with the higher-ups, his vision for reform, and his unorthodox methods contribute to the perception of him as a traitor. However, at the core of Gojo’s actions is a deep desire for change and a commitment to protecting the future of the Jujutsu world.

The transformation of Gojo’s character through his perceived betrayal highlights the intricacies of power, loyalty, and the struggle for justice within the universe of “Jujutsu Kaisen.” By examining Gojo’s actions and motivations, we gain a deeper understanding of the challenges he faces and the impact of his decisions on the world around him. Ultimately, Gojo’s journey is a testament to the complexities of leadership and the enduring quest for a just and equitable society.


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