Why Is Rick so Mad in Season 3?

by Hazel

Rick Sanchez, the brilliant yet deeply troubled scientist at the center of “Rick and Morty,” is known for his sharp wit, insatiable thirst for adventure, and, perhaps most prominently, his profound anger. Throughout the series, Rick’s rage manifests in various forms, but it reaches new heights in Season 3. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the underlying reasons behind Rick’s anger in Season 3, examining the events, themes, and character dynamics that contribute to his turmoil.

Rick Sanchez

Before delving into the complexities of Rick’s anger in Season 3, it’s essential to understand the character and the factors that shape his psyche.


The Genius Scientist

Rick Sanchez is a brilliant scientist with a penchant for interdimensional travel, invention, and mischief. Despite his intellect and resourcefulness, Rick struggles with numerous personal demons, including substance abuse, existential nihilism, and a profound sense of alienation from those around him.


The Burden of Knowledge

As one of the smartest beings in the multiverse, Rick possesses a vast intellect and an unparalleled understanding of the universe’s inner workings. However, this knowledge comes at a cost, as Rick grapples with the existential despair that accompanies his awareness of the universe’s inherent meaninglessness.


The Complexity of Emotion

Beneath Rick’s cynical facade lies a maelstrom of complex emotions, including anger, sadness, and loneliness. While Rick often masks his vulnerability with sarcasm and detachment, his emotional turmoil bubbles beneath the surface, driving his actions and shaping his relationships with those closest to him.


Exploring Rick’s Anger in Season 3

Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” sees Rick grappling with a myriad of challenges, both external and internal, that exacerbate his already volatile emotional state. Let’s examine some of the key factors contributing to Rick’s anger throughout the season.

Beth and Jerry’s Divorce

One of the central plotlines of Season 3 revolves around Beth and Jerry’s divorce, which profoundly impacts Rick and his family dynamic. As Rick navigates the fallout of his daughter’s crumbling marriage, he is forced to confront his own feelings of guilt and responsibility for the dissolution of their relationship.

Beth’s Existential Crisis

In the episode “The ABC’s of Beth,” Beth confronts her own existential angst and desire for meaning in the face of her father’s influence. Rick’s nihilistic worldview clashes with Beth’s search for purpose, leading to tension and resentment between them. Rick’s inability to provide his daughter with the answers she seeks only serves to deepen his sense of inadequacy and frustration.

The Galactic Federation’s Occupation

Following the events of the Season 2 finale, the Galactic Federation assumes control over Earth, plunging the planet into a dystopian nightmare. Rick’s resentment towards authority figures and his disdain for bureaucracy come to the forefront as he wages a one-man war against the Federation, leading to high-stakes confrontations and explosive showdowns.

Beth’s Clone Conundrum

In “The ABC’s of Beth,” Rick offers to create a clone of Beth so that she can explore the universe and fulfill her potential while maintaining her responsibilities on Earth. However, Beth’s decision to confront her own mortality and embrace her flaws sends shockwaves through the Smith family, leaving Rick grappling with feelings of betrayal and abandonment.

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The Psychological Underpinnings of Rick’s Anger

Beneath the surface-level conflicts and plot twists lies a deeper exploration of Rick’s psychological state and the underlying factors that fuel his anger.

The Mask of Detachment

Rick’s anger often masks a deeper sense of vulnerability and insecurity, stemming from his fear of intimacy and rejection. By adopting a persona of detachment and cynicism, Rick shields himself from the pain of emotional connection while simultaneously pushing away those who care about him.

The Weight of Responsibility

As the de facto patriarch of the Smith family and a self-proclaimed protector of the multiverse, Rick shoulders an immense burden of responsibility that weighs heavily on him. His inability to live up to his own expectations, coupled with the fear of letting down those he loves, fuels his anger and self-loathing.

The Search for Meaning

At its core, Rick’s anger is rooted in his existential despair and the futile search for meaning in a universe devoid of inherent purpose. Despite his scientific prowess and intellectual superiority, Rick grapples with the fundamental question of whether life has any meaning at all—a question that only serves to deepen his sense of nihilistic rage.

The Impact of Rick’s Anger on Others

Rick’s anger not only affects him but also reverberates throughout the lives of those around him, shaping their perceptions and relationships in profound ways.

Morty’s Emotional Turmoil

Morty, Rick’s grandson and reluctant sidekick, bears the brunt of Rick’s anger and emotional volatility. While Morty idolizes his grandfather and seeks his approval, he also harbors resentment towards Rick for the chaos and danger he brings into their lives. This tumultuous dynamic fuels Morty’s own feelings of insecurity and frustration, leading to moments of rebellion and defiance.

Beth’s Struggle for Autonomy

Beth’s tumultuous relationship with her father is characterized by a constant push and pull between dependence and independence. While Beth yearns for her father’s validation and approval, she also chafes against his overbearing influence and the stifling effect it has on her sense of self. Rick’s anger serves as a barrier to their relationship, preventing them from truly connecting on a deeper level.

Jerry’s Quest for Identity

Jerry, Beth’s estranged husband and Rick’s perennial foil, also grapples with the impact of Rick’s anger on his sense of self-worth. Jerry’s insecurity and feelings of inadequacy are exacerbated by Rick’s disdainful attitude towards him, leading to a constant cycle of resentment and self-doubt.

The Evolution of Rick’s Character

Despite the overwhelming nature of his anger, Rick’s character undergoes significant growth and development throughout Season 3, offering glimpses of vulnerability and introspection amidst the chaos.

Moments of Vulnerability

Amidst the chaos and destruction, Rick experiences moments of vulnerability and introspection that offer glimpses of his inner turmoil. Whether confessing his love for his family or confronting his own mortality, Rick’s moments of vulnerability humanize him and remind viewers of the complex emotions that lie beneath his cynical exterior.

The Quest for Redemption

Throughout Season 3, Rick grapples with the consequences of his actions and the impact they have on those around him. While he may never fully redeem himself or atone for his past mistakes, Rick’s willingness to confront his demons and strive for growth is a testament to his resilience and capacity for change.

The Search for Meaning

Ultimately, Rick’s anger is a reflection of his ongoing search for meaning and purpose in a universe that often seems indifferent to his struggles. While he may never find the answers he seeks, Rick’s journey towards self-discovery and acceptance is a central theme of “Rick and Morty,” offering hope amidst the chaos and despair.

Conclusion: The Depths of Rick’s Anger

In conclusion, Rick’s anger in Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that reflects his inner turmoil, existential despair, and profound sense of alienation. From his tumultuous relationships with his family to his ongoing battle against the forces of authority and control, Rick’s anger permeates every aspect of his life, shaping his character and driving the narrative forward.


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